Nice Things to Say to Coworkers: 10 Best Compliments You Can Use

When you have good things to say about a coworker, your team feels more comfortable and works better. Read on about what positive expressions you can use to compliment your coworkers and friends.

Coworker compliments are the perfect way to boost company morale and ultimately decrease your employee turnover rate. Whether you rent an office floor, prefer a modern coworking space, or work from home - admit it or not, but humans love to be praised. Incorporating professional compliments for your coworkers into the workplace can be the glue that will hold together a company. There is always an opportunity for positive things to say about a coworker. Check out these tips on how to compliment a coworker and to create an inviting and creative atmosphere amongst your peers!

Have Some Coworker Compliments for Every Member of Your Team, Well-Known and New

A good way for a boss to introduce a new hire to the team is to use one-word compliments for coworkers! Explain what they can provide to the team and how excited you are that such great coworkers are joining the company. This will help ease their first day jitters and spark conversation. Use positive adjectives to describe coworkers.

  • “Sarah is great at analyzing data!”
  • “Tom’s leadership skills will be a great asset to our team!”

Manifest Positive Feedback 

Messing up is a part of learning; no one hops into a position and knows exactly what to do. Turning these negative moments into positives with good compliments in the workplace lets coworkers know that it is okay and to keep moving forward (even if they mess up again)!

  • “You’ve put so much work into this project. I know it was difficult for you, but your determination paid off!”
  • “Even though the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, I can see your determination and believe you will excel in the future!”

Compliment the Complementors: Good Compliments Words for These Awesome Coworkers

Reinforce the actions of team members who are putting in the effort to give out coworker compliments. 

  • “Your positive attitude is infectious!”
  • “The team admires your encouragement!”

Don’t Be Too Serious 

I am a firm believer that a company that doesn’t laugh is a company that won't last. Check out these funny coworkers compliments from The Odyssey Online and Paired Life to lighten up the mood:

  • To quote Liza Koshy, "You are beautiful just the way you are. Even if you are grammatically incorrect."
  • There's ordinary, and then there's you.
  • Aside from food, you are my favorite
  • It certainly is not easy to be me, which is why I need you.
  • In a world full of bagels, you’re a doughnut.
  • You’re someone that I don’t want to punch in the throat.

We hope these tips and examples of coworkers compliments will make their way into your workplace!

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