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4 Benefits of Podcast Making that Brands Should Know About

What do the best branding podcasts bring to their hosts? It’s the audience's attention and trust, which makes podcasting another efficient way to promote the business to potential customers.

In our coworking spaces, we often see people listening to themed podcasts, and it made us wonder: what is branded podcasting used for? We did some research, and today we are excited to share our findings about the benefits of podcasts for businesses. 

Branded Podcasts Only Connect With Audiences Who Have Expressed Interest in a Topic

Branded or corporate podcasts tend to attract smaller, but higher-quality audiences that are highly interested and eager to binge listen to many episodes. Unlike radio, which tends to cover a wide range of topics in a single broadcast with no clear theme, podcasts usually have a central theme, for example: 

  • Sephora has a podcast on cosmetics
  • Buffer has a podcast about social media marketing, etc.

Listeners of these branded podcasts go out of their way to select this content, indicating that they are interested in these subjects. This shows that your target audience, no matter how large or tiny, is extremely relevant and qualified to communicate with your business.

Benefits of using studio quality podcaster microphones for brands

Podcasts Perfectly Supplement Brands’ Blog and Video Strategies

If you already have a blog and a video content strategy in place, podcasting may be a natural next step for you. Starting a Podcast for Business and promoting with your current followers of Social Media or clients is a good strategy to start establishing an audience for your podcast. By tapping into an audience that already trusts and connects with you, you can generate complementary content on the same topic as your Social Media Channels and release it at the same time, which will help you advertise your podcast and brand to your audience.

John Wall, podcast co-host of Marketing Over Coffee, says:

“If you get it right, you’re never going to get more dedicated followers than podcast listeners”.

Podcasts Are Accessible On Demand

We've evolved into an on-demand culture. The concept of only having one chance to watch a live event is no longer valid. We've become accustomed to consuming stuff whenever we want, rather than when it's served.

Podcasts are thriving as a result of this. They're available at the precise moment a listener decides to tune in — whether that's the day the show airs or six months later. This is one of the major benefits of listening to podcasts. 

Podcasting's episodic design also allows for the binge-listening experience that consumers have come to expect. When you get it right, as Wall did above, those listeners will actively seek out your podcast and reward you for gaining their undivided attention with downloads, star ratings, binge episodes, and overall popularity increase.

Podcasts Enable You to Shift Gears and Earn Your Audience’s Audio Attention, as Opposed to Their Visual Attention

The benefits of podcasts are that your audience is engaged with varying screen time priorities and other chores that occupy their visual attention for the remainder of the day.

Making an attempt to attract more of your audience's visual attention by bombarding them with additional blog articles and videos can be a lost battle, especially given our preference for on-demand consumption. Our social media accounts, favorite online newspapers, and email newsletters, at the very least, allow us to save stuff for our future selves so that we can revisit and enjoy it later. So here come more podcasting benefits: now you're not just vying for in-the-moment attention, but also for your audience's attention throughout the rest of the evening!

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What Are Podcasts Good For in Our Everyday Lives? 

Ask for their auditory attention instead of competing for more of their screen time. You may ask, why are podcasts important? Well, consider this: how many times a day do you find yourself unable to read or view more content? Showering, doing dishes, folding laundry, driving to work, going to the gym, going for a walk, and so forth. The list could go on and on. This is the ideal moment to consume content. With your brand's podcast, you can become a part of these moments in your audience's day and gain their auditory attention.

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