5 Reasons You Should Consider A Coworking Space For Your Business

Coworking has become the new norm as more and more people are becoming solopreneurs. In fact, statistics show that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, and independent contractors by 2020. Coworking is an environment of a shared office space of entrepreneurs coming together to work from different organizations and businesses. You may have noticed the increase of coworking spaces in your area. There is a demand. In 2011 there were only 1,130 coworking spaces worldwide. Today, there are over 13,000. Entrepreneurs across the globe are seeing an increase in productivity, happiness, and revenue growing their business in a coworking environment. Here are 5 reasons you too should consider a coworking space to grow your business.

1. Cheap Office Space

 Growing a business is hard and most entrepreneurs have to bootstrap the first several years. Lengthy and expensive lease agreements are not only nerve wrecking from a commitment standpoint, but difficult on the pocketbook. Coworking spaces are flexible and accommodating to growing with you as your business grows. You can start with one simple desk space or grow your team into larger office space without being trapped in a lease.

2. Networking

Coworking spaces allow for more effective networking. You are meeting other like-minded Entrepreneurs with creative ideas. Leasing an office from a corporate building not only segregates you but minimizes the chances you’ll meet individuals you can collaborate with.

3. Increased Business

In a 2015 coworking member survey, 50% of Entrepreneurs said they had an increase in revenue. Having the ability to get involved with the office community, share ideas and brainstorm often leads to new business.

4. Healthier Lifestyle

70% of coworking tenants reported developing a healthier lifestyle working in a shared workspace over a traditional office. The camaraderie coworking provides generally leads to office fitness challenges and healthy eating. Not to mention, you’re on your feet more mingling with others and brainstorming new ideas instead of sitting in an office all day. The best part? Being healthy naturally increases productivity.

5. Less Stress

Being around like-minded people in similar situations can help ease your stress. Being able to talk issues through with others who’ve “been there” will put you at ease. Being trapped in an office or working from home can easily lead to overthinking, feeling alone or becoming more stressed. Coworking provides an environment where you know you’re not alone in this journey of entrepreneurship.

If you have never experienced a collaborative coworking space, consider working with us for a day for free at CityCentral. We’d love to introduce you to our community so you can see for yourself the difference this style of work can make for you and your business.

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