5 Tips for Planning a Virtual Goodbye Party

Do you need to organize a virtual farewell party for your coworker or employee and need some ideas? Read the City Central blog to find some planning tips and make your event fun!

2020 *cringe* was a virtual year. Even digital nomads had to move from their favorite coworking spaces to home quarantine. It ultimately taught us that we can still be social from our living room couch (sorry introverts). Families across the world chose virtual for most holidays, birthdays, reunions, etc.; which are the most cherished times to be in the presence of loved ones. 

The year also changed the dynamic of companies that met every day to becoming completely remote. People were virtually welcomed into companies by email and still haven’t seen their coworkers and boss in person. The business world became accustomed to virtual happy hours, networking events, seminars, reviews and more. 2020 *cringe* was also a year of reflection, which brought with it the virtual farewell party. 

How to Plan a Virtual Going Away Party?

Although a virtual going away party can seem kind of strange, there are many ways to make it fun and memorable for the person who is leaving and the team. We are here to give you some amazing farewell party tips that may make the departing employee reconsider their decision (fingers crossed?). Let us share some stunning virtual going away party ideas.

1. Pick a theme

An easy way to lighten the mood is to assign a theme for the party. With a theme you can pick fun farewell parties’ games and activities that everyone can be involved in. Make sure to pick a theme that everyone is interested in. For instance, if you are all into crime podcasts you can plan a murder mystery party. This will allow people to let loose and truly have fun before saying goodbye. 

2. Team Slideshow

Get everyone to pitch in on making a slideshow with funny memories, inside jokes and farewell videos. Not only will this be entertaining for all participants of your virtual office farewell party, but the departing employee can also keep it to look back on. 

3. Make it a happy hour

Nothing sets the tone for a celebration like some bubbly! Signify it as the last happy hour with an important asset to the team. Use fun farewell party decorations and invitations, encourage everyone to make their own toast with a story to commemorate the former employee. Make sure to read tip 5 in case work still needs to be done after the farewell party. 

4. Virtual gifts

Giving gifts to say goodbye to someone is a strange idea, but if your team is pretty much your second family then it makes total sense. It doesn’t have to be bank breaking gifts, but an e-gift card to their favorite coffee shop or boutique is a perfect going away gift for coworkers. If you are wanting to send a physical gift, then plan ahead so it gets to them in time for the virtual party. 

5. Timing is Everything 

Schedule the farewell party at the end of the employees' last day. You don’t want to say goodbye then hop on a business call with them an hour later. Not only will this eliminate extra goodbyes, but it will also impart your employee farewell party a positive last impression. 

Remember: Good Planning Adds Value to Your Going Away Party

One good takeaway from this past year is that it sparked creativity at times when creativity seemed impossible. A virtual farewell party is definitely the case, and your team will be grateful to have such an interesting event on their schedule. We hope the above farewell party ideas will make saying goodbye a little more fun!

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