7 Must-Have Tech Tools for the Modern Office

What is office technology? Our experts have compiled a list of some of the most efficient technologies to improve your team’s comfort and productivity for both office and remote work.

Technological advancements have provided us with many valuable inventions, applicable both in coworking spaces and private offices. From the dawn of the internet, to every new automation that hits the market, technology is constantly changing and evolving to the benefit of its creators. 

We have integrated these innovations into every aspect of our lives, especially in business. Through tech tools and software, we have created modern office systems that allow us to stay connected to the world, conduct business, and work on projects like never before. Here are just seven tech tools that we think are great additions to any modern office and team.

Teams, Zoom, Linkedin and Lots More

Great communication makes a great team. In this interconnected age where team members are working remotely more and more often real time communication software is vital. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and platforms like Linkedin offer the opportunity for office technologies to connect people across the world. Video conferencing still allows face to face communication (even though it is through the proxy of screen) and brings teams together to collaborate on projects even when they’re spanning different time zones. 

Smart Office Tech in All the Right Places

Modern offices require modern office equipment. Let’s start with flexible work spaces. Everyone needs the chance to change up their workspace. When designing offices today, a lot of companies look to incorporate options that provide flexibility to their employees. This includes creating spaces for team members to get out of their offices and move to more comfortable seating and providing space to collaborate with each other. 

No flexible space is complete without wired seating! With office technology comes the need for a technological office design. Another great technological advancement in offices is the addition of high-tech office furniture such as sit/stand desk. The flexibility these desks provide allows employees to be active even at their desks! Offering your team the option of working from where they are most comfortable is all but guarantees a happy team.

Autonomous Office Controls 

Being able to change and customize your office settings is one of the perks of modern office systems. Not only can you adjust A/C as you see fit, you can also personalize your lighting to fit your ideal work environment. 

Most office spaces use fluorescent lighting as their main source of light. Offices are increasingly adding variable light sources for their team members to take advantage of. For example, the ability to dim lighting is a great perk of these new tech office designs. Everyone wants to work in an environment that is most comfortable for them, and with new smart systems, comfort is more achievable than ever.

Cloud / Drive Based Office Technologies

Today, almost all businesses have some aspect that needs access to the internet, especially now when a lot of companies are still working from home. Implementing cloud / drive based technological tools for business is a great way to share documents and data with your entire company while keeping information private. This allows everyone to access the documents when they need it instead of relying on physical files. 

In addition to putting documents in one central place, other smart office technologies that provide ease of access to employees include LastPass (a central, secure place for logins and passwords), and Microsoft Teams applications! Microsoft provides teams, which as we mentioned earlier, is a great way for remote teams to connect in real time, as well as Microsoft notes and other programs that allow teams to share notes and work on projects.

Smart Presentation Tools

Presentation is important. You want to be able to get your message across in a smooth, concise way and also be able to utilize technology to convey that message. Here is where new office tech comes in handy! 

A lot of modern office spaces are designed to incorporate smart projection and presentation tools into their meeting and conference areas. Smart TV’s provide the ability to project a PC for presenting and for video conferencing. Another great office technology that a lot of companies utilize is smart whiteboards! Here, your team can present, take notes and so much more all in one place. Smart whiteboards are their own computer and allow presentations, notes and documents from one place. That means no one has to keep up with notes and can be saved to the drive or cloud for everyone to use later! 

Another presentation tool that enhances meeting experiences is having speakers specifically for conference calls. Good quality speakers allow team members to pay attention to what is being discussed on the call without the distraction of poor quality sound. Providing high quality meeting equipment technology is a great investment for any business.

Privacy Booth / Phone Booth

In this technological age, business is constantly being done over the phone and now on video calls! Any modern office worth its salt should have a space for team members to take calls in privacy. This is especially important for offices with open communal spaces and breakout areas. Phone booths that provide sound dampening and privacy for their users comes in handy when many people are on calls at once. Having privacy/phone booth access is essential to any tech savvy office design.

Miscellaneous Office Tech Accessories

The best part of having a modern office environment is the knick knacks! Here are a few fun little devices we found to give your office that high tech feel:

  • USB Coffee warmer

This usb coffee warmer comes in handy on days when you’ve got a lot on your mind and may not remember that lovely cup of coffee you made an hour ago when things where less busy.

  • Under desk elliptical

Having a sit/stand desk may not always be an option. So check out this under desk seated elliptical. Exercise and keep your legs moving even while sitting at your desk.

  • Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

This monitor stand is a great way to organize and utilize space on your desk! Complete with wireless charging pad and usb ports, this monitor stand is a great option to improve your office tools workspace.

  • Mini USB Fridge 

Never have to leave your desk for a cool drink again with this USB Mini Fridge!

We hope you will find these tips to create a contemporary office space useful and handy. Creating the best place to work has always been the goal of City Central.

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