8 Fun Games to Play at Work With Coworkers

I bet you’ve heard about some office games to play with coworkers, but have you actually tried them? We’ve collected some games you can play and have fun at work!

Team building is very important, probably more important that people realize. Playing office games can become an integral part of your team building activities, whether you work remotely, go to a coworking space or an office every day. Group competition games bring everyone together, creating healthy relationships throughout the team, plus it is fun! 

Our Selection of the Best Games to Play at Work

Check out these 8 fun office games to play at work with your coworkers. 

Team Scavenger Hunt

One of the best group competition games to play at work! Team up people from different departments or employees that do not get to interact on a regular basis together. Then give all the teams a list of things to do/find for the hunt! These may include: 

  • Find a blue paper clip
  • Make an airplane out of paper
  • Take a selfie with someone random
  • Find business cards with names from A-Z 

There are endless funny games to play with coworkers! BZZZZZ timer goes off, that is it all teams bring you what they have for you to count the points and announce the winner! Do not forget to get a prize for them, and the others as they did so great!

Baby Picture Guessing

This fun game to play in an office will get everyone laughing for sure! Have everyone bring in a funny baby picture and put them up on a wall, then have everyone write down who they think matches the picture. Whoever gets the most guesses right wins! This game will bring out some funny childhood stories, I promise! 

Two Truths and a Lie

One of my favorite small group games for indoors, it also brings you back to playing this with your childhood friends. The way the game works is each person picks two truths about themselves, and then makes up a lie. The goal of this game is to try and guess which phrase is the lie for each person. Such fun games for coworkers definitely bring out the creativity of your employees, and they will get to learn new things about each other!

Typing Racer

High pressure and fast paced, this is probably the most perfect variant among office desk games as you will need to sit at your computer to out type your colleges. Schedule a time when everyone stops working so you can all yell and laugh for your office games! 

It consists of... you guessed it, who can type the fastest. But this one has a fun twist, it's space themed. The mission is to attempt to survive spaceship attacks. Approaching ships are designed as words and you must type the word into destroy the ship before it gets to you and takes you out! At the end you will get a final score, these scores are compared with the rest of your team to see who the master typer is. https://www.typinggames.zone/typingattack

Office Bingo

Very similar to the regular bingo game except this is one of those office games that could go on all day long with all the goals required. Just print the card, make copies, and hand them out to your coworkers. See who gets a bingo first with the activities happening in the office. https://www.chairoffice.co.uk/bingo/

Blind Drawing

This one is in my top employment games. You make pairs of 2 with your team and have them each draw at the same time….but on the others back. So, team member #1 finds a wall to do their drawing on and then team member #2 holds their paper on the others back and draws. Player #1 then must try to copy the drawing only by what they feel on their back. The team that has the closest copy wins!

Blindfold Puzzle

This is one of the large group games for indoor playing, and it requires some open space, so no one runs into each other. Split your group into two teams and have each team pick one captain. Your captain will be the only teammate without a blindfold. The team will then pair with another member of the team and lock arms while blindfolded. Here are the rules:

The team captain’s responsibility is leading their blindfolded teammates to retrieve puzzle pieces hidden around the space using only their voice. 

  1. When a team collects all their puzzle pieces, they can remove their blindfolds and begin to solve the puzzle.
  2. The first team to successfully solve the puzzle wins!
  3. These fun games to play with coworkers help teams bond and foster leadership. 


One of our favorite activities as a kid is now a game to play at work. The twist is that it is hands and feet Hopscotch! Make sure you have a nice big open area and print out hand and foot images. Mix them up and place them on the floor in the Hopscotch layout, I recommend using tape to keep them in place. 

Now it's up to each person to make it to the end without falling over! You can even take it up a notch and move them shuffle them to make each round harder. I would make everyone aware of this game so they can dress accordingly!

Build a Tight-Knit Team with Fun Business Games

I hope you and your coworker’s relationships will grow and become stronger with all these fun office games and activities!

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