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We are always happy to have businesses within our community that are committed to improving the environment as well as our quality of life. Our Richardson location recently welcomed Robert Lopez, owner of VC Solar. Read more to learn about Robert and how VC Solar can help you make money off your next energy bill!

Tell us a little about you and your business!

We are a residential and commercial solar  company. We focus on educating the homeowner on the future of renewable energy, but also understanding why their electricity rates are going up year after year. Going solar isn't a new thing, it has been around since 1957. Nasa uses solar panels in space to power the international space station... So why aren't most homes solar now? Simply because of the lack of knowledge in the industry. 

What lead you to the position you’re in now?

I was reading an article on a class action lawsuit to SCE (southern california edison) back in 2012 where a group of people complained about why their bills were getting more expensive year after year by using the same amount of kilowatt hours annually ( the amount of energy pulled from the grid to power your house). I found out that you can remove the middleman (the electric company) that simply distributes energy from their local grid with city cables and rents your power. Then you can purchase solar panels, meaning the technology that generates energy with the sun everyday, and cut out the grid. In most cases, you can sell them the power you don't use while receiving a federal tax credit for going solar.  With this knowledge, I figured it would be a great business to start and educate people on the benefits of solar energy. 

What sets your business apart from other solar companies?

What truly sets us apart is our tailored approach to the consumer right to pay less and save money right away by going  solar , purchasing the system, and not leasing them; simply because of all the tax benefits you get and fixed monthly payments. So we build a custom solar system to the clients house and they will pay less than their average monthly payment to their current electric company to make this switch absolutely a no-brainer!

What is something you wish you’d known when you were just starting your business?

What I wished I knew would be the importance of networking, staying local and supporting your local business more. I used to travel much more to other counties and states. But Since covid, we focus now more on our own community and developing a much more personal relationship with our clients! 

How to do you navigate your work-life balance?

I am a devoted husband to my wonderful wife and best friend Alexandra, and a father to three beautiful girls. We have a three year old and twin girls. So you better believe our schedules are intense. However we make it work, we are alive, healthy and thriving. Being close to home is very important to us. And definitely being grateful to all our blessings! 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is when the client gets their solar panels installed and seeing their first bill after going solar. I n most cases their bill gets wiped out completely and if they generated more electricity that month than they used, they will have a negative graph on their bill and receive credits from selling their extra energy. Getting those phone calls is always the most rewarding part. 

How has being a part of the CityCentral community affected you and your business?

Well we have just moved in, but I can already see a positive experience for being here with other entrepreneurs and business professionals. I think CityCentral is absolutely excellent at delivering great expectations from its tenants. We feel at home away from home! 

If you had a friend in town, and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them to?

I would take them to the Fogo de Chao restaurant since it's my favorite style of cuisine! 


We would like to thank Robert for being a part of our community and member spotlight series! To learn more about his business, visit www.go vc solar .com or email govcsolar@gmail.com.

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