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At CityCentral, supporting and promoting our community is the most important part of what we do. Over the past few months, we’ve focused on providing our community with advice and insight on many aspects of business and personal life through our #CommunityOverEverything campaign. This campaign has enabled our members who wish to lend us their voices a platform to share their thoughts with our audience. In this interview, we had the opportunity to speak with CEO Bronwyn Allen and talk about her company High Profile Staffing. Bronwyn took some time to chat about her recruiting experience, her team, and some advice she wanted to share with us.

            Bronwyn started her career in recruiting with Jock Stafford, the founder of High Profile. When she came on board, Bronwyn thought that she would just try her hand at recruiting for a year or two and then move on. But the company, people and the work got into her heart and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else for the past three decades! Bronwyn has found that she enjoys helping people on their career paths and finding careers where they can thrive. Through our conversation, we got to learn a little more about Bronwyn, High Profile and the work that she and her team are doing to help their clients find amazing applicants! Here are some highlights.


            Bronwyn has found her passion in the recruiting world. She loves having the opportunity to work with their clients and jobseekers to find their perfect fit. Bronwyn said, “Helping others with their careers is, you know, other than picking a spouse or purchasing a house, one of the most important things they have going on.” Bronwyn finds this to be one of the most fulfilling parts of her job. Its such a unique position to be able to assist so many people in finding their careers. High Profile has job seekers that they’ve stayed connected with for many years and in some cases placed multiple times with wonderful companies in the DFW area. One of the best experiences Bronwyn can have with jobseekers is finding them a placement and then hearing feedback that they are thriving and growing  in new roles within that company!


            Throughout our conversation, Bronwyn had the most amazing things to say about her team and what they do at High Profile. According to Bronwyn one of the most important skills that her recruiters have is the ability to be a good listener! Being able to listen and absorb what a jobseeker is looking for, and match that to needs that a client has is key. Bronwyn said, “If you’re a really good listener and enjoy getting to hear people’s stories and experiences, the Recruiting industry could be a good fit for you. Bronwyn has had members of her team be a part of High Profile for over 20 years. This fact gives High Profile an advantage when it comes to finding candidates for their clients. Her team members are also up to date on the most recent laws and practices of the areas that they specialize in. High Profile specializes in finding  professionals for accounting, finance and human resource roles. These skills and tenure at High Profile allow each team member to know their client’s preferences and find them what they’re looking for in a candidate.


            Fortunately, the transition from working in an office to working from home did not have a profound effect on the High Profile team. When asked about how their work culture has changed, Bronwyn had this to say, “We already had a lot of our team members working virtually one or more days  a week. I think the most important thing for our team was being intentional about keeping everybody engaged.” Bronwyn and her team found great ways to keep everyone engaged and continuously check in on the team to see how they were doing. They would frequently hop on calls to have happy hours, play games and just ask how everyone was doing personally. Bronwyn has connected this back to the core of their work place culture. High Profile places a lot of value on making sure everyone of their team members feels nurtured and feels like they can share their struggles and feelings. During this tough time, they have been able to support each other through intentional engagement, meetings and conversations and that has really been key for keeping their team going.


            When we asked Bronwyn is there was any professional or personal advice that she would like to share this us, she had a fantastic thought to leave us with. Back in March of 2020, Bronwyn was listening to a leadership podcast by Craig Groeschel. In this podcast, Craig said something that really stuck with Bronwyn and changed her thinking in regard to the pandemic situation. The thought that had an impact on Bronwyn is, “Don’t waste a crisis, always look for the opportunity in a crisis.” In a crisis situation, one may (logically) assume that with the new and unexpected situation comes problems to solve. But along with those problems there are also opportunities. According to Bronwyn, “It’s like finding a silver lining. So when I heard that I thought, ‘this is so important that all of us look at this situation this way.’” Bronwyn took these words to heart, and she and her team took this opportunity to switch their mindset from problems to opportunities! 

            We, at CityCentral, thought this was a fantastic piece of advice! We’ve gathered a lot of helpful and thoughtful advice from our spotlights and we are so happy to add Bronwyn to their ranks. We wanted to thank Bronwyn for her time and we hope you found her words as inspiring as we do! 


Katy Harrington
Katy Harrington

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