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CityCentral Dallas recently had the pleasure of talking to Christopher Harris about his company, Faith Growth. Christopher studied coding while in seminary and combined the two passions by assisting churches to improve their online presence. 

Can you give a brief description of yourself and what you do?

I was trained to be a pastor, but along the way I learned to code and today I help churches share the Gospel online through their websites. 

What led you to starting Faith Growth?

I graduated seminary in 2008 and was discerning what was next.  At the time, I was hearing from several church leaders that they saw the potential for connecting with individuals online, but their biggest pain point was their websites. So I started Faith Growth to help mainline churches and progressive church leaders with their websites. 

What sets Faith Growth a part from its competitors?

It is our process to help our clients create content and design to help them connect with seekers. Also, we help them create their SOPs/procedure to maintain the site and add content on an ongoing basis to connect.  

What is the most rewarding part of your Job?

Helping to make the web easy for folks that are not tech sauvy, and make their lives easier and help them connect with those seeking online.

What is your advice to people within your industry?

It is imperative that you learn to connect to people online. They will check you out online before they visit. If you do not have a strategy to connect online,  you will not see new visitors at your location. 

What are you doing to thrive in these times?

I'm keeping on working... trying to create products and systems that help our clients. We will ultimately be successful if we help our clients solve their problems. 

What is the greatest personal or professional advice you have ever received?

The universe rewards action.


We want to thank Christopher for taking the time to speak with us and share his story! If you would like to learn more about Faith Growth, visit faithgrowth.com!

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