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Innovation is key to a successful business. Although the “old way of things” can be comfortable – you must be advanced to succeed in this modern age. Doma is using innovative technology to revolutionize the real estate closing process that has been stuck in the 19th century. We had a chance to sit down with Doma experts and CityCentral Addison members, Melissa and Stephanie, to learn more about this new customer experience.


Can you give a brief description of yourself and what you do?

Melissa: Business Consultant—I connect with lenders & real estate professionals as well as home buyers & sellers.  I share the vision of Doma, listen to their goals and see how we can partner to add value.

Stephanie: I am the Branch Manager and escrow officer for our newly established Addison/Dallas location providing closing, title and escrow services bringing with me over 21 years of experience in real estate (both legal and title).

Who created Doma?

When purchasing his home in 2015, our CEO Max Simkoff, experienced the long-drawn-out process of closing on his home and he knew there had to be a better way.  He spent a couple of years studying and learning the details of the real estate closing process.  He then combined that knowledge with his technology background.  Using machine intelligence and our patented technology, Doma is creating a vastly more simple and efficient closing experience for lenders, real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers.

What sets Doma apart from its competitors?

We’re challenging the status quo and bringing the real estate closing process into the 21st century.  Doma’s unique pairing of an industry-leading technology platform with deep human expertise will empower lenders and real estate professionals to deliver the best possible customer experience.  Doma makes the title and escrow a much simpler, more seamless process for the lenders, agents, homebuyers, and sellers. 

What is the most rewarding part of your Job? 

Being a part of a company that’s going to revolutionize the way real estate is done, is super exciting!  Sharing Doma’s vision and seeing people’s faces light up when they see how much value Doma can bring them, their business and their customers is very rewarding.

What is your advice to people within your industry? 

Be willing to step outside the box and try something new, especially when your customers can benefit.

What are you doing to thrive in these times?  

Adapting and adopting I believe are critical, especially what everyone is having to deal with.   Listening to and providing customers our stellar service and expertise has always and will always be our number one priority.  Following our company core values is key:

Customer Obsessed, Direct with Respect, People Leaders, One Team.  Solution Driven 

What is the greatest personal or professional advice you have ever received? 

Growing up, my dad would tell me, no one cares how you feel, do it anyway.  I remind myself of this when I need an extra push to make one more call, set one more appointment, or even fold the laundry…which is my least favorite task at home.

Henry Ford said it best: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”  With Doma, the teamwork and people behind you make it easy to do for our customers.


We want to thank Melissa and Stephanie for taking the time to speak with us! If you are intersted in learning more about Doma, visit www.doma.com

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