Welcome to our member spotlight, where we highlight outstanding businesses making a positive impact in our community. We are eager to showcase element c, an excellent life and career coaching service that offices out of CityCentral Plano.

In this spotlight, we will be talking with Lisa Seay, who is a  seasoned career coach providing her clients with the inspiration and guidance they need to reach new heights both personally and professionally. Join us as we dive into the exciting work Lisa is doing for her community!

Tell us a little about element c.

element c provides inspired career coaching for success-oriented individuals who want to make a change (job, career or other), or continue to grow personally and professionally. element c also works with companies who realize that business success is not accidental and that their biggest investment is their people. In addition to HR consulting, we help grow leaders and their teams through a mix of assessment tools, individual coaching and interactive programs.

What led you to starting element c?

I started element c in 2015 following a diverse career in human resources and with a deep desire to make a bigger impact. Choosing who I work with and the way we work together fuels my own growth mindset as I help others understand their own personal agency. It is rewarding beyond measure to help others find their own sense of being in control of their actions and their consequences - to act intentionally and effectively in different situations.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

My clients often tell me that I have an artful way of blending the insight to guide with a dose of compassion to inspire.   For me, I see every coaching engagement as a forever relationship. I stay with the client in whatever way they need me to for as long as they need me to.  

What is something you wish you’d known when you were just starting your business

That it’s okay not to have all the answers before you start something; to always prioritize faith over fear.

How do you navigate your work-life balance?  

Carefully. Like most people, I can get overwhelmed trying to serve my clients, myself and my family, so I set boundaries (and then reset if they don’t work or serve the purpose), prioritize my values and goals, and I give myself grace when I need to. As much as I make time for client work and my own professional development, I also schedule personal retreats once a quarter to rest, regroup and revitalize my body and mind.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing someone’s success. Seeing someone face challenges and opportunities with confidence and resilience--and be reminded that it was within them all along.

If you had a friend in town, and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them to?

Mi Cocina for a “never misses the mark” margarita or mambo.   Or, I enjoy a quaint coffee shop like Mudleaf in Plano where you can sit and catch up and truly be with the other person.   Anywhere cozy and comfortable with waitstaff who understand the value of a lingering conversation (cause I understand tipping well for the benefit of getting to linger!)

We would like to thank Lisa for being a part of our Member Spotlight series! If you are interested in being a part of this series, please email info@citycentral.com or speak to your Community Manager.

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