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Since CityCentral Richardson opened almost three years ago, we have been so proud of the community we have continued to build. With each new member added, a new opportunity and resource arises for current members. This month, we are so excited to add Elite Merchant Solutions. We sat down with Kristina Belmont and Roger Ortega and they told us all about how their company can benefit our members! 

Elite Merchant Solutions offers fast and affordable payment solutions/credit card processing, with unparalleled customer service. EMS supports businesses by providing compatible technology that allows secure, innovative, and timely processing.  They provide each of their potential clients with a side-by-side tailored rate comparison, providing knowledge on where the savings can be derived from.

As we spoke with Kristina and Roger, they gave us insight on what led them to being in this particular business and what sets their company apart from its competitors:

“We have learned that business owners have been taken advantage of by processors or banks, who painted a picture that was deceitful.  We wanted to pay it forward and give back to our communities, local, state, and national business owners, by being honest, transparent and thorough. Our process is detailed to determine the specific needs of each business.  We offer month-to-month contracts, terminal placement programs, working capital, ecommerce gateways and existing software integration.  Our added value products make us your one stop shop for your payment processing needs.  We are also contracted with all major card brands, which allows us to control our own pricing, we do not have buy rates or monthly minimums.”

When asked what is something many are not aware of when starting their own business and looking at payment processors - they said “ .. Many are not aware that all processors are not the same.   All processors are not as transparent as Elite, we love how we are able to save our clients such a significant amount of money and create long lasting business relationships. Because of this we love knowing that our hard work and dedication not only benefits us but so many other people.”

Kristina and Roger explain that the most rewarding part of working for Elite Merchant Solutions is the confirmation that they were true to their word, coming in with their best foot forward and seeing how much money their clients were saving monthly. 

“The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie.”

Because Elite Merchant Solutions works with many local businesses, they know the best spots in DFW, and we were very interested in what they had to say!

“Being able to work with many local businesses, there are many places that hold a special place in our heart…A few of the local businesses we love to promote are Haywire, The Stockyards, Truck Yard, Rosa’s Tortilla Factory, The Yard, Mom and Popcorn, just to name a few.”

To receive a complimentary side-by-side rate analysis, feel free to contact Kristina/Roger at

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