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Running a small business can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to managing employee schedules, timesheets, and payroll. Keeping track of all these details manually is time-consuming and prone to errors. But what if there was a simple and efficient way for small business owners to manage their employee time-tracking needs? Introducing ezClocker, a user-friendly time-tracking software designed specifically for small businesses. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, ezClocker makes it easy for employers to manage employee schedules, track attendance, generate timesheets, and process payroll with just a few clicks.

In this blog, we meet with Raya Khashab, co-founder of ezClocker and CityCentral Plano member, to explore the benefits of using ezClocker and how it can help your small business run more smoothly.

Tell us a little about ezClocker.

ezClocker is a time-tracking and scheduling software for small businesses. We serve construction, handyman/contractors, janitorial, lawn care, and other small businesses. Employees can use our apps to clock in via their phone and when they do, we capture the GPS location so employers can verify the employees are at the correct location without the need to be physically there.

What led you to start ezClocker?

I always wanted to start my own business. My background is in software development and I was looking for an app to build. After evaluating several business ideas, I thought of an app that would help business owners know if their employees showed up at a client's location, like a home care business owner who has to send their caregivers to different houses, and that idea evolved into ezClocker.

What sets your business apart from other companies?

Our software is easy to use, which our customers love because their employees have smartphones but are not tech savvy, so they need a simple-to-use app to keep track of their time. We also have a 4.8/5.0 AppStore rating with 6K reviews, which makes us stand out in the app market.

What is something you wish you’d known when you were just starting your business?

How long it takes to build a successful company. I love the quote that says, “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”  It's so true.

How do you navigate your work-life balance?

My work and life are mixed together. I don't have a strict schedule, Our team works remotely so I'll take breaks during the day to go to the gym or walk in the park and then go back to work.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Hearing a customer say they are "in love" with our product makes all the hard work and long hours worth it.

How has being a part of the CityCentral community affected you and your business?

We have a virtual office at CityCentral, and it has made our company look more official when we can receive mail at an office building.

If you had a friend in town and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them?

I love breakfast places, and my favorite one is Fairview Farmers Cafe.

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