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CityCentral recently had the pleasure of speaking to Fort Worth member, Nathan McDaniel, about his company, Funkytown Lender. Nathan is a branch manager and brings over 18 years’ experience serving individuals with their mortgage financing needs! Read more to learn about Funkytown Lender and how partnering with companies in the local community has set them apart from other mortgage lenders.

Tell us a little bit about you and your business?

I’m a mortgage lender and husband, with no kids or animals just yet!   We are in the process of adoption and are very excited for this part of our journey.

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 18 years and I got into the business in the footsteps of my dad.   He and I still work very closely together and he was a big part of why I got into the business to begin.

What led you to doing what you do?

I got into mortgages because I grew up around the industry. My father has been a loan officer since 1992; so growing up around the business, I just sort of took an understanding to it. My brain works well with numbers and that's kind of what this business is all about. One thing that I noticed that kind of led me to where I'm at now is mortgages are very serious, dry and kind of confusing. I wanted to try to get into a position where I could connect with the community and work with some of our local nonprofits, all while making mortgages more enjoyable. I want to be a fresh breath in finance, while also still making sure that my knowledge base of over 18 years ensures my clients get the loan they need.

What sets your business apart from other companies?

Our low rates without the multiple levels of over-rides is the biggest separation from us to the national lenders in town. I also think one thing we do differently is committing to have relationships with the local community. I've worked for five other mortgage companies in the Fort Worth area and they are all very corporate with little emphasis on community. So Funkytown Lender, has a goal to connect and support our community in Fort Worth, which means teaming up and collaborating with other local businesses around town to bring people together. It also means that we will do what we can to give back to the people in our city. An example of this is at our launch party coming up, we're going to support a local group called Funky Town fridge. They basically work to uplift the food shortages in our communities throughout the city. Partnering with people like this is something that we really try to do that is a little different than some of the other mortgage companies around.

What is something you wish you'd known when you were just starting your business?

I wish I understood the typical home buyer’s knowledge level on mortgages. Since I grew up around the lingo, I just assumed that people understood what I was doing. I have realized that we have a very special language and that some people are not familiar when lenders say certain things. Now that I understand the whole picture, I make sure and educate my borrowers, while giving them transparency in every step along the way.

How to how do you navigate your work life balance?

That's a tough one. I'm not sure I balance it perfectly, but you would have to ask my wife to be sure. I try to be available to my clients at all times of the day. Since this is one of the biggest purchases a family may have in their life, I try to be available whenever they need me. I do have to set some boundaries when we're doing family things, but for the most part, people in my life understand that I'm always going to have a ringing phone or incoming email to respond to. That's just the way this business works. My dad and brother are also in the industry, so it's kind of funny when we go on family vacations. The three of us will be sitting in the living room making a little three-person office.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The stereotypical answer, but also very true, is to see people close on a home for their family. The excitement that people have on closing day is pretty awesome! Also, this business gives me the opportunity to problem solve. I love problem solving and so seeing somebody come in without much hope and figuring out how they get a loan for a house; gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

How has being a part of city central community affected you and your business?

We're new here at City Central but I feel like it's been a great addition to our little team. We're excited to be here and I know my team has met a few people and are enjoying the community you have built. Overall it's been great!

If you had a friend in town and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community. Where would you take them to?

That's easy! There's so many cool spots in Fort Worth that I like, but hands down my favorite is Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar. It's a little fresh sushi place over by the Foch St. warehouses, so I would have Hatsuyuki for some amazing sushi, then head over to Dickie's Arena. We would check out a Panther City Lacrosse game, some music or even a tournament that may be going on.   After the game we would head over to Hotel Dryce’s lobby bar and have a Gusto’s burger! That would make for a memorable day.

We'd like to thank Nathan for being a part of our Member Spotlight series! If you are interested in being highlighted in this series, please email info@citycentral.com



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