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Meet CityCentral Addison member Kenneth Gill, the owner of GILL Real Estate Advisory, a leading force in the commercial real estate sector. With a focus on valuation and advisory services, Kenneth and his team have made a significant impact on the landscape of Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond, giving clients unmatched knowledge and experience to help them through the complicated commercial property market. Learn more about Kenneth and GILL Real Estate Advisory in this month’s member spotlight!


Tell us a little about GILL Real Estate Advisory. 

GILL Real Estate Advisory provides valuation and advisory services on commercial real estate properties in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally.  We value properties for lenders, asset managers, property owners, and attorneys.  The advisory side of the business includes due diligence expertise, litigation support, and fair market rent studies. Our specialty is healthcare properties (hospitals, surgery centers, medical offices), but we have experience in office, retail, multi-family, industrial, and land properties.  I founded the company in 2021 and have appraised thousands of commercial properties over the past 20+ years.  


What led you to start GILL Real Estate Advisory?

I started in the appraisal business at a small company with a national focus and, after 20 years, found myself working for a global Fortune 500 company.  I really wanted to get back to the business of appraising without all the unnecessary overhead from a large company.  Having my own business allows me greater freedom to choose the clients I want to serve as well as the types of assignments I work on.


What sets your business apart from your competitors?

When you work with GILL Real Estate Advisory, you have direct access to the experienced principal of the company.  We welcome the assignments with a “little bit of hair” on them, and our clients appreciate the extra analysis and attention to detail that is lacking at other firms.


How do you navigate your work-life balance?

Having my own company is key to managing the work-life balance.  I have more control over my schedule and workload so that I can better plan around vacations and other events in my life that I don’t want to miss!


What is the most rewarding part of your job?  

The property visits are the best part of the job.  My work travels have taken me to 40+ states, including large coastal cities and rural towns with only a few hundred people.  Getting out of the office and walking properties, meeting the owners, and seeing new places is always rewarding.


How has being a part of the CityCentral community affected you and your business?

CityCentral Addison provides a great environment to focus on work and meet with clients.  The lease structure allows flexibility to allow my business to grow and evolve as needed.


If you had a friend in town and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them?

My favorite place in the neighborhood is Hillcrest Village.  The shopping center’s attraction is a 1.5-acre park surrounded by restaurants. There is a great mix of restaurants – Cane Rosso is a favorite – and we always see neighbors and friends enjoying the patios.  The kids love it too, because they can eat and then go play in the park with friends.  Win-Win! 

To get additional information about GILL Real Estate Advisory, visit   www.gillrea.com   or contact me directly at   ken@gillrea.com.


We would like to thank Kenneth for being a part of our member spotlight series! If you would like to take part in our Member Spotlight Series, please don't hesitate to reach out to your CityCentral Community Manager.


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