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“When you see a shiny floor people used to think - clean. It’s changed now.” - Watson

The standard of cleanliness has been redefined since March 2020. A floor may look spotless, but is it really sanitary? CityCentral sat down with Pruven Industries CEO, Will Watson, and COO, Cris Luce, to discuss their product line, the GooMover LLC, and how it is reshaping the cleaning industry. 

“The beautiful thing about the GooMover LLC is that there is nothing on the market like it.” -Watson

In 2013, Gene Ruble and his wife were in the kitchen and she came across a sticky spot on the floor. As she cleaned the spot she said something along the lines of, “I wish someone would come up with something that can stop people from having to get down on their hands and knees to scrape something up off the floor!” This sparked innovation in Gene; he researched and quickly discovered that there was no patent filed on anything similar to that. He began to mold a clay prototype of a product which today is called the GooMover.

“We call it taking an every day common broom and turning it into a multifunctional cleaning tool.” -Luce 

The GooMover team describes their product as a simple solution to an existing problem. The concept behind the product has reinvented the functionality of a broom. It has a body that attaches to the end of a broomstick with a patented blade that locks into a replaceable cartridge. 

“There is nothing on the market that fits on the end of a broom handle where you can utilize one tool and have multi-tools that are on that same product”, Watson explains. The GooMover can be interchangeable with GooErase, GooScrub and more depending on the tough spot you are trying to clean; creating no limits with what you can do with it. 

“We pivoted.” - Watson

At the beginning, the GooMover was made to be sold directly to consumers. The team auditioned for Shark Tank and made it to the final acceptance round, however the Sharks didn’t like the way the GooMover product was structured under GooMover, LLC with its parent company, Pruven Industries. “Once we started uncovering the relationships on the industrial commercial side, we realized that we could get that price point up and have a higher MSRP, build the identity and then pull that over into the direct consumer”. Watson explains. The product has already been bought by the ASPCA, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and more. The price increase aligned with the COVID-19 pandemic. “The reason we lifted the price was because we incorporated an ergonomic and economic impact that addressed biohazard needs right now”, says Luce. The company became a global bio risk advisory council certified technician from the ISSA (International Sanitation Supply Association). 

“CityCentral gives people like us a true opportunity to establish a corporate presence at a very affordable rate.” - Luce

Since joining CityCentral, Pruven Industries has expanded rapidly and we have been honored to watch them excel and help in any way we can. When asked what they like most about CityCentral, Watson explained, “One of the things I love about CityCentral is the fact that it affords the opportunity for small operations or individuals to come here that are starting a new company, business or idea. [CityCentral] has the ability from a marketing standpoint that [individuals] might not necessarily have from a capital standpoint. It’s a great place for us to market for potential customers of our own.”


To learn more about the GooMover and Pruven Industries, visit www.GooMover.com

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