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Cris Luce has been a member of CityCentral since we first opened in March of 2017. Cris has made use of his engineering and IT skills for the benefit of several different companies in the time that he has been with us. In fact, Cris claims the reason he enjoys being with CityCentral so much is because he is always surrounded by companies and brands that strive to continue growing. The ambition to always be on the cutting edge, constantly be innovating and improving, drives Cris Luce. It is also what has us excited to be a part of Cris’s exciting new technology at SmartSort.

On July 1st, CityCentral Addison will become the first location to utilize the exciting technology of SmartSort. SmartSort is revolutionizing waste disposal through advanced proprietary technology. Their AI identifies an individual's trash and instructs them on which bin to dispose of it. This process is meant to cut down on the human error of recycling and contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable waste disposal process. This Wednesday, that technology is coming to the CityCentral Addison kitchen. 


            Prior to joining the CityCentral family, Cris had already established an immaculate reputation in the technology world.  He began his career over two decades ago as an engineer with Fujitsu Network Services. From the early stages of his career, he began focusing on unique solutions for technical problems. Cris’s work has always been able to speak for itself, however rather than take our word for; you need only look at his long list of clientele to recognize Cris’s pedigree. From AT&T and Verizon to Lockheed and NASA, Cris’s work history is as illustrious as it is expansive. Now, he’s focusing both his skills and experience on benefiting the environment. 

SmartSort was conceived as a response to the confusion over the recycling process. For years, many metropolitan areas have utilized multi-bin disposal systems that rely on individuals to know how to sort their waste properly. Most people want to do the right thing; we all want to be recycling properly. The problem is there is often confusion about what products go in which bins, and in the middle of a busy workday, most people do not have the extra time to figure it out. Thus, Smart Sort was created to solve this issue.

Joining Cris on the tech team for Smart Sort are his brother Cliff Luce and nanotech engineer Wolfgang Decker. Wolfgang has been instrumental in the development of SmartSort. Excited by the initial concept, Wolfgang was an early investor in the project and took a significant role in developing the technology. Cliff has worked in tech since the 80s, boasting an impressive resume himself, he is credited with developing the tech for many major organizations disaster relief initiatives. The trio has more than 80 years of experience in the tech industry, all but guaranteeing SmartSort is going to be a game-changer.  


The SmartSort bins are a single unit comprised of three separate disposal bins: one for recycling, one for organic waste, and one for trash. What makes SmartSort unique is its built-in camera and corresponding AI. These work in conjunction to identify your trash items and instruct you on how to sort them. Additionally, Smart Bins can measure the amount of waste they have collected, meaning they can identify how much a company is recycling and composting. Over time, the system will continue to become more efficient in recognizing waste and identifying its best means of disposal.


By partnering with SmartSort early, we hope to do our part to improve recycling efforts and have a positive impact on the local environment. While SmartSort uses its resources to benefit the community on a large scale, we hope to use our resources to help SmartSort. Over the first thirty days of having the Smart Sort bins in our Addison location, we will be providing SmartSort with valuable data. The data the Smart Sort bins accrue will help the system become better at identifying waste, enabling us to become better at efficient disposal. 


Efficient, sustainable waste disposal can do more than simply enable us to feel good about recycling. While on a micro-level, the assistance SmartSort provides us in improving our recycling habits beneficial, the data it provides us with on a macro-level is invaluable. Utilizing SmartSort's data on what is being recycled, composted, or thrown away can help us identify what products we use are the most sustainable. Even at a larger scale, Smart Sort could potentially identify a city's recycling and composting needs. Without question, SmartSort lives up to its motto of "sustainable sustainability" the more we can use such a service, the better it will be for both the company and the community at large. We are excited to begin using SmartSort at our Addison location and look forward to a lasting relationship of prosperity.


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