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Being cooped up in your house for weeks on end used to sound like a dream, but now that it has become our reality, things aren’t as they seemed. Stress, anxiety and depression can easily be triggered for people who are not used to working in these conditions we are under. It is important to talk to someone and gain insight on how you can manage this new norm.  As part of our continuing Community Over Everything campaign, we had the opportunity to sit down with CityCentral member Kim Brown to gain her advice and insight on how we can exercise our brains and stay healthy during these times. 

Kim is a neurotherapist at Nepes, a neurofeedback clinic, operating out of our Addison location. “If you’re unfamiliar, [neurofeedback] is essentially training your brain, so think of it like fitness for your brain”, clarifies Kim.  This type of counseling exercises your brain to overcome trauma, injury, manage anxiety and so much more to gain that sense of control back. Kim describes the process, “We do a brain map, which is a quantitative EEG, we take a look at our client’s brainwaves, getting an assessment of that kind of seeing what’s going on, you know under the cap. From that we are able to put protocols together that will foster the neurofeedback training which is just a passive process of reconditioning your brain to an optimal state.”


Working from home isn’t your typical 8-hour day. With kids running around and dogs barking at everything, it can be easy to find yourself swerving off track. For Kim, this can beneficial for her business because people are running into a lot of downtime. She explains, “People are extremely stressed right now, anxiety is high, depression is probably kicking in for most people who are more susceptible and have had previous history. So, it’s actually kind of spiked mental health interest overall.” With a spike in interest comes a spike in new clients. More people are landing on the Nepes website, trying to find new ways to stay healthy during this unprecedented time.

Kim usually consults with her patients face to face, so she has had to virtually connect with them while they are home. Kim mentions how communication with all her clients has increased since becoming virtual. Since she cannot physically hook them up to their system, she is finding new ways to connect, “I’ve adjusted staying engaged with them virtually like we’re doing right now. And just sending them a lot of tools and resources that apply to their needs. So, whether it’s giving them meditation to do at home or a podcast to listen to, some articles… Just keeping that engagement, I think is so important.” 


One important lesson that Kim has gotten out of this whole experience is to be prepared for the worst. She explains, “That way, when you need to make these small shifts or big shifts in your business and personal life, you can be ready for it.” She explains that in order to be properly prepared, it is important to know your business and know what your clients’ needs are. This may not be the last epidemic we endure. There could be another challenge next year, so it is important to take this time and learn from it. This experience is a huge test on businesses and how they can effectively operate for consumers, no matter what the situation. 


We are all experiencing the same endeavor right now, but no one is vulnerable because we have each other’s back. That is the beauty behind this beast. Kim advises, “Tap into your resources, your friends, other business owners, your mentors.” There is always going to be people within a community that you can rely on whether it be your neighborhood, church, office, yoga class etc., so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Another piece of advice that Kim advises for industries like hers is to have a growth mindset. “Another [piece of advice] that’s kind of a big talking point in the mental health industry and just in corporate in general is having a growth mindset. So being open to change and not being fixed on something. My practice and what I do is all about creating flexibility and resiliency in the brain. And what we’re going through right now in our world is 100% applicable to that.” It is crucial for any business to always be open for change. Study and stay up to date with new technology and marketing trends so your product/service remains relevant. 

Kim touches on how this is the perfect time to put a habit into place. Not only will this make you feel productive, but it will distract your mind and allow you to focus on your self-growth. Challenge yourself a little, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. 


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