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Marketing. Digital marketing. Analytics and advertising. All of these aspects affect how people view a business. It also affects how (and if) people find your business and use your services. In this Google dependent age we live in, a marketing person or team is vital to the success of a company. Our CityCentral community is home to all kinds of business professionals, one of which is Patrick Tran. Patrick is the go to marketing guru for Booked Financial. Booked Financial strives to help their clients simplify their business finances by being an open book (pun intended). Booked Financials focus on transparency, efficacy, and affordability allows them to cater to their client’s needs as effectively as possible. We sat down with Patrick and talked a little about Booked Financial, their marketing strategies, and got some great life advice from Patrick.

A lot of our clients are small/medium sized businesses.

         The Booked Financial team is made up of Patrick, and his business partner Dustin! Dustin provides the accounting services and Patrick is working on the marketing and business persona for Booked Financial. Their clientele is mostly made up of individuals, and small to medium sized businesses. Patrick said, “We’re coming into the industry with the specific knowledge that Dustin has learned from his work in accounting firms to try and mitigate all the risk that clients have in getting accounting help.” Patrick shared with us that Booked Financials overall goal and mission at the end of the day is to help people. 

Helping a friend

         Patrick and Dustin have been friends since high school and when Dustin needed someone to help him brand and market his business, he called Patrick! Patrick said. “He needed help with branding and on developing a strategy on how to connect with more clients.” So Patrick got to work! He’s worked on everything from branding to helping develop and scale foundational business practices across the board. Patrick has also worked to bring a little more attention to accounting a whole. He said, “Accounting is not sexy, but I’ve tried to put a spotlight on how we can use it to help our clients.” Dustin may have brought him on specifically for marketing, but Patrick has used his knowledge of people and business to help improve the business model, client relations, and overall procedures to help streamline Booked Financials operations.

We like to be straightforward and transparent

         One of the questions that we always love to ask of our members is “What sets your business a part from other companies?” Patrick acknowledged that the question was a tough one, especially in a market that is as saturated as the accounting services industry. One thing that Patrick said over and over again was that Booked Financials goal is to be transparent with their clients. Patrick stated, “Our clients know we’re helping them. No fluff, just making sure our clients are okay and have everything they need at the end of the day.” Booked Financial focuses on great client relationships and affordable pricing for their clients.

Setting Boundaries

         We’re always curious to know about our members work/life balance. Having a healthy work/life balance is something that often feel unattainable, especially for entrepreneurs. We asked Patrick about his work life balance and what he does to maintain it. He shared that he thinks setting boundaries is incredibly important to having a health work/life balance. Patrick sets expectations for his full time position, Booked Financial and a lot of other aspects of his life. He can still go the extra mile when he needs to, but setting expectations helps him balance everything that he has going on.


We want to thank Patrick for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about Booked Financial. We loved getting to learn more about Patrick and hope you did too! 





Katy Harrington
Katy Harrington

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