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At CityCentral, building up and supporting our communities are at the fore front of what we do. During the past few months, we’ve put extra focus on our community and its incredible members through our #CommunityOverEverything campaign. As part of this campaign, we strive to provide our community with advice and insight on managing the current situation by giving a platform to those members who feel emboldened to lend us their voices. In this interview, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Renae Anderson of Sage Street Realty. Renae chatted with us about her company and how she and her team continue to thrive in our ever-changing world.

            Renae has spent much of her professional career as a realtor. Through working with other brokers and companies, she’s always found that they didn’t quite meet her needs as a realtor. Renae discovered that she wanted to make improvements and in order to do that, she needed to start something new. Here’s where Sage Street Realty comes in! With her bachelor’s degree and years of realty experience, Renea had the skills and knowledge to start her own brokerage. Through Sage Street Realty, Renae strives to be the support to other realtors that she felt was lacking in the industry. Here are some highlights from our conversation!


            As a real estate agent, Renae has be a part of many different companies and teams. But, after she had her son a couple years ago, she found it difficult to get back into the real estate game. For Renae, she felt something was missing from each company she joined. Since she had enough points to become a broker, Renae decided to be her own broker! She says, “So I got my own brokers license in July of 2019 with the intention of just being a personal real estate agent by myself as my own broker and I didn’t have anyone to blame for what I was missing except for myself” So with a little encouragement from her husband, she became her own broker. Through out her real estate career, Renae has made connections with many other agents and contacts. When she became a broker, Renae found that people wanted to work with her. After multiple people inquired about her new brokerage, she decided to start Sage Street Realty! 


            Finding what sets a business apart from its competitors can be a struggle. Renae, like many other business owners, thought a lot about Sage Street Realty and what makes her business different. Through starting her business, Renae developed an acronym philosophy for her and her agents to go by, F.O.C.U.S! The word itself, “focus” can have a lot of different meanings, all very valuable to any business. Renae used this word to provide the framework of the values her and her agents strive to uphold in everyday business. F.O.C.U.S outlines these values for Sage Street Realty: They treat everyone like FAMILY, OPERATE with transparent communication, CREATE win-win opportunities, UNDERSTAND peoples unique needs and cater to those and they offer SUPPORT from top to bottom. Renae said, “I would say what makes us different from our competitors is how we treat people. We’re very consistent and our mission is to operate with zealous integrity through the F.O.C.U.S philosophy”. 


            Renae has met a lot of people through her real estate work. Over time, those people have become her close friends and support system. Renae says that the most rewarding part of her job is growing people. She loves to support and cheer on those around her. Whether they’re an investor or a client that she’s helped find their dream home. Renae said, “As a broker, it’s seeing agents create their own business, their own hours and being able to focus on their families and really take control of their lives.” Renae loves to see the people around her grow and she loves to cheer them on and be a part of their life changes! 


            During our conversation, we had the opportunity to talk with Renae about advice she might have for other in her industry and for people in general. For those in the real estate industry, Renae said “Just keep doing your thing… our work can be done from anywhere.” During this time, Renae has encouraged her agents to stay on top of their businesses and to be as safe as possible. As real estate agents, they are consistently entering people’s homes, and being safe is Sage Street’s number one priority. Other than that, Renae has also encouraged her team to not get “drowned out” by the fact that other industries and get creative with how they operate. For everyone out there not in the real estate industry, Renae says to take mental breaks! This time has taken a serious toll on our economy and on the way we feel about every single day. Renae encourages everyone to take some time for yourself, “Focus on yourself first, and everything else is easier to take care of.”

Right after we had this wonderful conversation, D Magazine published its Best Real Estate Agents of 2020. And guess who made that list!! We are so proud of Renae and how Sage Street Realty has thrived in the short time its been around. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Renae and her agents!

Katy Harrington
Katy Harrington

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