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At CityCentral our community is home to all kinds of business professionals. We love learning more about what makes our community so diverse and sharing those opportunities with the rest of our incredible community. CityCentral Fort Worth had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Todd Pagitt with TekSystems who joined the CityCentral community in 2021. Todd is the Director of Business Operations with TekSystems and has been apart of the this amazing organization for over 15 years! He has a passion for mentoring and coaching his team! Check out some highlights from our conversation!

Can you give me a brief description of yourself and how you got started at TEKsystems? 

I've been with TEKsystems for over 15 years now. I started right after graduating from Baylor. I've had a lot of different assignments in those 15 years – many different roles here within the company.  It's been a wonderful ride.  DFW has always been my home and all my roles have been here local with the company. 

What led you to getting into this field is it, something that you always wanted to do? 

You know, not necessarily, I knew that I wanted to have a career in sales, I knew that I wanted to do Business-to-Business sales. I didn't know what, though, if that would be medical device sales or something else. The opportunity within technology and within the IT industry is massive and then the growth and the opportunities within TEKsystems are what really drew me to the organization 15 years ago. It's really lived up to every single bit of that potential. It's been awesome. 

What sets TEKsystems apart from its competitors?

 I think there's a lot of things that differentiate TEKsystems, but the size and scope of our organization sets us apart.   The depth of our delivery and practice organizations gives us a unique advantage.  There's significant opportunity for us in the marketplace, and our ability to meet that demand with our delivery capabilities is special. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to impact our team. We always look at TEKsystems as a vehicle in that it provides opportunities for folks to achieve their personal and professional goals.  For me to have a hand in that, to help them get from point A to point B, is rewarding.  You realize how many folks you've had a chance to have an impact on over the years, and it's really an incredible thing and it helps create a legacy that I’m proud of.  

What are you doing to thrive in these times? 

The biggest challenge with COVID and in the world we live in right now is team engagement.  That's the truth for us, and it's probably the truth for everybody in this moment. For me right now, my focus with our team from a cultural perspective is on achieving results and that we need to be accomplishing a lot of great things in this marketplace, but we also need to have a good sense of community with the team and that they know they have a voice, that they have an opportunity here, and that they belong.  

What advice can you give to people within your industry? 

The advice I can give to those within my industry is that technology is complicated.  It is ever-changing.  It moves and adapts quickly, but the people part of our industry is still there. The relationship, your ability to connect with other human beings and to be empathetic, that won't go away, that won't be replaced. I think a lot of times we get caught up in the technical gadgetry of things and it becomes very technical very quickly, but in a sales capacity what’s key is being able to understand the business challenges that these other humans are trying to solve for and relating to them on a genuine personal level.  

What is your greatest personal and professional advice you have ever received? 

The greatest personal advice that I ever received was to do what makes me happy in life and that the money will follow. Find something and somewhere where you're good at, find something that you're passionate about, and the money will take care of itself.   Don’t just chase dollars for the sake of chasing dollars.  On the professional side, the best advice I ever got was around persistence and just staying the course and to look at things in the long-term and to not look at things in a short-term, immediate gratification way.  It's very much telling yourself “Hey, we're playing a long game here, build out your business, build out your career.”  Take a longer view. On another personal side, the number one thing to me is my family. It's the most important thing in my world and even though it's challenging at times, but be able to keep that the priority, no matter what other noise we've got in the rest of our lives, is the priority. 

How can CityCentral on its community help you at this time? 

We've been here for a few months now and it's been fantastic. We have really enjoyed the experience here. This is the first time our local team has ever had a co-working experience. It's been phenomenal. I think the number one thing for us, as I mentioned, is the engagement and giving the team a place where they're excited about coming to work. They like being with each other, and they like being in an environment that's conducive for them. That's it for us and if we can continue to have an environment where our team can be authentically themselves and feel great about coming into every day, we’re happy! 

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