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Welcome to our member spotlight, where we highlight innovative businesses and entrepreneurs who are making their mark across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and beyond. In today's blog, we are eager to showcase the talent and dedication behind Valynt Digital, a full-service  digital marketing agency that offices out of CityCentral Addison.

In this spotlight, we will be talking with Dan Spotsville, the founder of Valynt Digital who started the business with a vision to innovate and inspire. Join us as we dive into the exciting work this top-rated agency is doing for clients across industries. 

Tell us a little about Valynt Digital.
Valynt Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that provides paid advertising, video production, copywriting, graphic design, and automation through AI technology. As a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, Valynt is dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses seeking to connect with their ideal investors, raise capital effectively, or simply need to generate qualified leads for their business. Valynt specializes in Reg A, Reg D, & Reg CF and Series A - Series D advertising campaigns. Valynt's unique approach has revolutionized capital raising by eliminating cold calling through innovative digital marketing funnels. Valynt Digital offers advanced automation solutions driven by artificial intelligence technology. These solutions encompass streamlined processes for email, text, and phone calls, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the tedious tasks associated with sales across various industries.

What lead you to starting Valynt Digital?
Growing up in Japan, I was surrounded by a culture that highly values hard work, discipline, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. These principles have significantly influenced my approach to digital marketing. At Valynt Digital, we embody a commitment to excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the digital realm. Additionally, I wanted to create a space for creatives where I could match their abilities with the corporate world.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?
Valynt Digital stands out through its extensive database access, comprising over 1 billion B2C & B2B profiles that can be utilized for virtually any industry. When it comes to capital raises, Valynt has access to 10 million+ accredited investors, 40 million+ retail investors, 78,000 family office contacts, and over 52,000 venture capital & private equity firms around the globe.

Interpreting this data enables us to seamlessly integrate with our clients, acting as an extension of their marketing team and accelerating the achievement of their desired results. This coupled with creative services like social media marketing, video production, and AI automation integration, positions us as industry leaders. We're not just a marketing agency; we offer innovative business strategy and consulting services, providing holistic support to our clients.

What is something you wish you’d known when you were just starting your business?
I wish I had fully grasped the power of strategic partnerships and the impact they can have on business growth. Our recent partnership with the City of Frisco, our Affiliate Partnership with FC Dallas, and well known data publishers are each a testament to the potential synergies that can arise from such collaborations. On top of strategic partnerships, having the right team members and establishing a good culture that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration has led to the success of our digital marketing agency.

How do you navigate your work-life balance?
In the current phase of our business, achieving a traditional work-life balance is quite challenging. There are days when I consistently put in long hours, and downtime is a rarity. Over the past 12 months, however, assembling the right team has allowed me to allocate more time to my family compared to the previous years. It's become a priority for me to carve out time for the people and activities that hold significance in my life.

Personally, I believe that attaining a perfect work-life balance is not feasible during the crucial stages of building a business, especially in the initial decade. We are currently in our seventh year, and I've realized that what may seem like extreme working hours to others is, in fact, a reflection of my passion for what I do. It doesn't always feel like work when you genuinely love what you're doing.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
At Valynt Digital, the primary source of fulfillment comes from witnessing the personal growth of our team members and recognizing how Valynt plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their individual goals. We prioritize the significance of personal goals, aligning them with the annual objectives set by Valynt.

It’s also extremely rewarding to engage in exciting projects and collaborate with innovative individuals who are striving to make a meaningful impact on the world in their unique ways. Personally, I love that I get to do cool shit and work alongside these forward-thinking people.

Another rewarding aspect of our work is observing the success of our partners as they efficiently raise millions through our digital marketing strategies. Knowing that Valynt has played a pivotal role in their journey is deeply fulfilling.

We are dream builders.

How has being a part of the Addison CityCentral community affected you and your business?
Being a part of the Addison CityCentral community has significantly shaped our team culture. The customizable office spaces have allowed us to create the ideal environment for my agency, fostering the unique culture I've always envisioned. Additionally, the vibrant CityCentral community has provided invaluable networking opportunities, making it an ideal space for our business to grow and connect.

It's not just a workspace; it's a place where our team thrives and collaborates effectively.

Any improvements we could do to help you or your business?
The support from Addison CityCentral has been fantastic.

If you had a friend in town, and you could take them to one of your favorite restaurants or spots in your community, where would you take them to?
I would undoubtedly take them to Akarii Revolving Sushi, a local gem that serves Japanese food that reminds me of home.

We would like to thank Dan and the Valynt Digital team for being a part of our Member Spotlight series! If you are interested in being a part of this series, please email info@citycentral.com or speak to your Community Manager.

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