#communityovereverything: Victor Cueva

As our world continues to make strides towards normalcy, focusing on building and supporting our community is more important now than ever. With most of our community returning to the office, we are striving to learn more and find new ways to highlight our incredible members! Carrying on with our “Community Over Everything” campaign, we sat down with Victor Cueva of Optima Financial Group at our CityCentral Richardson location. Optima Financial Group is an insurance and financial services brokerage. During our interview, Victor shared his love for his community, admiration for his team, and passion for his business. 

I really enjoy helping people in the community.

            Victor first discovered he had a passion for finance and numbers while he was in college. Like many recent college grads, he was not sure what he wanted to do. So, he started his career in the hospitality industry and then transitioned into the financial services world. He created Optima Financial Group as a way to help people understand the importance of making informed decisions. “There is a lot of self-involvement when discussing these comprehensive topics with our clients, which is something I really appreciate. Our team is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow, while getting involved in our community”, he added.

We are in the business of creating long term relationships.

One of our featured guest’s main focuses in his business is people! From his Optima team to each and every one of his clients, building relationships is a huge part of what he does. He commented, “Creating a healthy environment and building long term relationships with my team is crucial and important to me. They are awesome, outstanding people. Victor has made it a priority to create a combination of technology and an old school personal approach that really sets Optima Financial Group apart from other firms. This incredibly unique model allows Victor and his team to focus on putting the client and their needs first.

Helping people accomplish their financial goals is incredibly rewarding.

            A lot of our members create their businesses because they see a need in their community and have a passion for helping people. Victor definitely falls into this category! He is very fond of assisting his clients reach their financial goals. “Our clients really do get to accomplish their financial goals and expectations, and that gives us a sense of satisfaction difficult to put into words.” The success stories and accomplishments that Victor’s clients share with him never fail to put a smile on his face! 

Having a schedule helps a lot.

            A healthy work & life balance may not be the easiest goal to achieve, especially when you own a business. Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. The owner gets to make a lot of key and unpopular decisions, but you also eat, sleep, and breathe your company. For Victor, one of the best ways he has found to plan out his demanding day is to stick to a schedule. He finds a set time every day to answer emails, return calls, follow up with clients, reach out to new prospects, and assist his team members with whatever they may need. Victor shared, “Having a schedule helps a lot. Even then you may not get it all done, but always do your absolute best!”

We love having Victor and the Optima Financial Group team as a part of our CityCentral community! We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Victor as much as we did. 


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