Traveling business professional working in a coworking space by the day

Coworking Spaces by the Day: The Ideal Solution for Traveling Professionals

Looking for a convenient and affordable coworking space for your next business trip? Learn how to book a coworking space by the day, perfect for traveling professionals who need a productive workspace on-the-go.

As a busy traveling professional, you’ve almost certainly experienced this situation before. You’re in a city for a couple of days for meetings or a conference, but you have all of your other work piling up in your email inbox. You’ve got calls to make, virtual meetings to attend, and deep work to be done that requires peace and quiet. But where are you going to find that at a busy hotel or a packed conference center? 

Busy professionals who are traveling to a city for a meeting or a conference often struggle to find a quiet, professional place to get work done or host meetings. One solution to these issues is to rent a coworking space by the day. 

Coworking spaces often feature day offices, lounges, or meeting rooms that can be rented by the day instead of by the month so that a traveling professional can make use of the professional office setting while on the go. Here are some reasons why you should rent a coworking space by the day while traveling for work.


Business professional working in a coworking space by the day

A Sense of Normalcy

Corporate travel, which took a massive dip during the pandemic, is on the rise again and should continue to increase in 2024. As more road warriors get back to traveling, the problems with business travel will start to become more prominent. Traveling for work can be a bewildering experience. From the stress and complications of flights and car rides to sitting in hours-long conferences or endless meetings, sometimes the hardest part of work travel is actually finding time to work.

You could try to work from your hotel room, but often that’s not conducive to getting work done. Or maybe you could head down to the hotel lobby or business center, but often those places are full of hustle and bustle and don’t provide peace and quiet to encourage deep work.

A coffee shop could do the trick, but have you ever tried to take a phone call in a coffee shop? Or, worse yet, have you ever been in a coffee shop while someone else takes a phone call for work? It ruins the experience for everyone. Plus, add in the silent wars that take place between coffee shop patrons to get to the tables with the outlets, and working from a coffee shop just isn’t a very practical choice for a busy professional. 

No, if you’re traveling for work, then you need to go to a place that is built for work. You need somewhere with doors that close, plenty of outlets and amenities, and an environment created to help you get things done. Renting a coworking space for the day is the most practical option for a traveling professional.

Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

Coworking spaces are set up like traditional offices, but often with more amenities and comfort. Renting a coworking space for a day can vary depending on how much you’re willing to spend or what the day rental packages are that the space offers.

Usually, the options are broken down this way:

  • Day office: Rent an entire office to take advantage of privacy and host small meetings or phone calls without bothering anyone else
  • Business lounge: Use one of the many desks or sitting areas out in the open to get your work done. Pop into a private phone room to take virtual meetings or calls
  • Conference rooms: Rent out a conference room to host a big meeting while you are on the road. Usually these come equipped with white boards and projector hookups for your computer, so you can present and keep everyone on the same page.

Coworking spaces also offer amenities like coffee, tea, water, snacks, printing, notary services, and more. A front desk associate greets everyone as they arrive and helps arrange anything you need. 

Location is Key

One of the most important factors in choosing where you will work while on a business trip is the location. Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the busiest and most important travel hubs in the country and is home to thousands of corporations and big businesses. If you’re traveling for work, chances are you will travel through the DFW metroplex at some point.

CityCentral has coworking spaces all around the DFW metroplex, from the bustling downtown Fort Worth location to their Plano Legacy location, which is close by the rapidly growing business center of Legacy West. If you are traveling through Dallas-Fort Worth for work, there’s a good chance you will be near a CityCentral location.

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Business travel can help you achieve many of your business goals, but it comes at the risk of hurting your ability to get other work done. Renting a coworking space by the day solves that problem by giving you a professional setting to get all of your work done.

For more information about renting a coworking space by the day as a traveling professional, call 214.429.4197 or stop by any of our locations for a quick tour!

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