Do’s and Don’ts of Paid Social Media Advertising

While scrolling through your social media feed you come across numerous sponsored ads that somehow relate to a recent searches you made on Google the night before and you wonder, “How does that even happen?”.  

This is the must-use, new form of advertising! Though this tactic can be tiring to users, it is brilliant in our digital age because of how effective it is. 

If you are looking for new ways to advertise your business other than earned and owned media, paid social media advertising should be where you start. If you can execute it right, you will see a great return on your investment. 

So, what are the do’s and don’ts?



1. Carousel Ads

A carousel ad allows you to put multiple images and/or videos into one ad. It is a useful way to show product variety. In the case of sponsored advertising, it is especially valuable because you are introducing yourself to an unfamiliar target audience.

In this carousel ad, the sunglass company is showing users the multiple colors that a specific pair of glasses comes in; allowing them to see product variety with a quick swipe. 

2. Strategic Messaging

Messaging can be a dealmaker if done right. You can have a boring product paired with persuasive messaging and sell thousands through social media. 

Think about your unique selling point (USP) and translate it to your audience. For example, if price is your USP, create an ad that compares your product to your competitor’s. Dollar Shave Club is a great example: 

In this ad, they are highlighting the fact that razors are overpriced and that theirs are virtually the same for a more reasonable price.

If you have a unique design, premium quality, fast results etc., then sell it with the right messaging!

3. Clear CTA

Once you gain attention with pictures and messaging, get users to click! 

Position the call to action (CTA) in a place that is easy to notice and directs them to the exact page they want to be on in order to close the deal.

Stories are a different way you can use paid advertising. They are effective because of their “swipe up” feature which is an effective way to integrate a CTA. 

4. Be Consistent

When conducting social media ad campaigns, it is important to be consistent throughout each platform. You want the audience to recognize your brand. Keep the same profile picture and brand personality. 

People love your brand because of the way you advertise it; don’t switch it up. An example of excellent cross media advertising is Heineken’s Departure Roulette Campaign to promote their web series, “Dropped”:

Each platform allows for different types of content, but you can still make it easy to identify the brand and overall campaign. Keep this strategy in mind when executing sponsored ads for your next campaign!



1. Don’t Ignore Mobile Optimization

Billions of user’s online shop and view content on their mobile devices each day. To ensure a good user experience, make sure that your content is compatible with their device. If it isn’t, the user will get frustrated quickly and exit the page.

Implement the same optimization when switching from mobile device to a tablet or desktop.

2. Don’t Overthink Copy

Long or short copy? It just depends!

It depends on what you’re selling and who you are as a brand. When using images, too much clutter can be an eyesore. We are in a visual world; a lot of text overlaid on an image will keep users scrolling. 

If you need to use long copy, put it in your caption! Calvin Klein did this for their My Truth campaign where they used real customer testimonials.

If they had put the quote on the picture itself, it would have been too much. A strong image can get a person to read a long caption.

An example for using short copy would be If you are talking about a discount on a product. This doesn’t need a lot of explanation and can be interpreted by just looking at the ad. 

3. Don’t forget to Schedule!

Scheduling is key if you want a return on your investment. 

Each platform has its own specific days and times during the week when viewing traffic is high. It is important to schedule and make sure your ads are going out during these peak times! 

Click here to read an article about the best times to post in 2020.

4. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Saved the most important tip to follow for last: HAVE FUN!

People get on social media to unwind or have a quick laugh. So, make sure to have fun with your ads every now and then.

Meme’s are great way to insert humor into your ads. This type of post is great tactic if you are trying to attract a younger audience!





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