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We know how important it is to find the right space for your meetings, be it a team meetup, a networking event, or negotiations with partners: find out about the perfect rooms for each occasion.

Atmosphere can make or break an important meeting. Whether you are trying to close a big deal or win over a potential hire – the space you are in ultimately sets the tone. It can be comfortable to work in a shared coworking space, but when it comes to a meeting - you need a private room for meetings with all needful appliances. Getting a team together for a collaborative exercise with not enough seats or no whiteboard/idea tools can be an unpleasant surprise. 

So, what makes an ideal office meeting space and how do you know which one is best for the goal you are trying to achieve?

Executive Office

A desk with a conference phone, computer, and other critical tools is typical for private corporate meeting rooms. There may also be couches positioned around a coffee table in the area, or chairs situated in front of the desk. You can sit with a few other executives or clients here and initiate a conference call from your phone or computer.

One of the interview rooms in the office building on a high floor with a spectacular view. 

Small Conference Room

A small meeting room is usually equipped with a meeting table that can easily seat 4 to 6 individuals. These informal, private areas are great for small-scale, casual meetings when you don’t need a huge meeting hall to fit all the members. Choosing a smaller space instead of a big conference room is also perfect for conducting interviews with future employees.

Small office meeting space for private meetings, interviews, and negotiations.


A boardroom is usually built around a large rectangle or oval table facing each other. This modern conference room is designed for high-level conversations, such as meetings with the Board of Directors of a company. 

Among other conference room ideas, this option can be also ideal for negotiations with a group of partners or a meeting with your colleagues for a discussion among about 10-15 people: you will be more comfortable in a large meeting room in such case. The design of such spaces is usually meant to ignite conversation and group interaction. 

One of the business conference rooms in the building with office space for rent

Classroom / Training Room

Remember how your high school classrooms were arranged? The chairs were usually in rows, all facing the same way. This is also a layout of a corporate conference room for your business needs. You can arrange the room so that everyone is focused on a presentation. 

A big conference room is ideal for learning and taking notes, but not so much for group meetings when everyone is meant to participate. But ut is still worth trying - you can hold quarterly training sessions, lunch and learn, and so much more in these large, customized spaces.

A big conference room, fully equipped for training.

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