Getting in shape. Not just for the new year but for life with Mr. T!

Getting in shape and healthy, what does that really mean and how do you start? I had the pleasure to sit down with Mr. T who owns Fit Choice USA and he gave some great tips! 

“Conquer the morning, conquer the day” 

It all starts with your mindset, the goals you set for yourself can have a huge impact on your health both physical and mental. Take it a step at a time and don’t rush, even if that means getting up early. We are creatures of habit and I know the majority of us check our phone the moment we wake up. DON’T! You never know what will pop up and all it takes is one disappointing email or text to create a ripple effect of bad moods.

First thing to help create a healthy lifestyle is to make your bed, it creates a sense of accomplishment for the first emotion you have that day. 

Second, drinking a glass of water. Water needs to be the first thing you consume everyday. It creates a positive pattern of what you eat and drink for the rest of the day, it also wakes up all your internal organs to get your metabolism started. Eating a donut for example creates a chain effect of your diet. “Oh, I’ll just eat bad today and start over tomorrow” telling yourself this is setting yourself up for failure. Self-discipline is a huge part of making the choice to be healthy. 

Third, Brushing your teeth may seem like a second nature task that we all just do, nothing special, about it right? Wrong, brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand creates brain stimulation. This mini brain exercise will help you wake up out of the morning grogginess. After you are done with those pearly whites, jump in a cold shower. 

Fourth, take a cold shower. What does this do? It also stimulates your brain along with waking you up, increasing circulation, and reducing any sore muscles you may have.

Fifth, Eat a light healthy breakfast – like a smoothie (here’s our favorite recipe)

Sixth, Meditate. However long that may be, quiet your mind and focus on the positive light while taking concentrated breaths. In today’s society we all seem to be going nonstop, always staring at a screen, or stressing about something. Taking the time to just stop for a moment can make such a difference in your positivity for the whole day.

Seventh, Add in some light exercise after your meditation to get your blood flow going as well as boost energy. Mr. T suggests some squats, pushups, and sits ups.

Depending on your schedule you may not be able to fit all of this in the morning. That’s totally okay! Everyone leads different lives with all sorts of daily obstacles. Just try your best to fit in what works for you. Make goals for yourself and listen to your body, do you want to stay in shape but have an injury? Five minuets of yoga in the morning will greatly improve the healing process. 

Don’t be afraid to try new exercises! No two bodies are the same. Be patient and enjoy the journey in finding the best way to keep you in shape! 

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