How to Grow your Business in Richardson, TX: Some Useful Tips

Starting a new business is hard work, especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur. In this article, we gathered some tips that we hope can help ease your way into growing your business.

Picture this: You have a great idea and everyone in your life has told you that you need to start a business with that idea. You start researching and researching for the best place to establish your new company. There are a lot of different factors you want to take into consideration like proximity to your house (because long commutes are a no), amenities in the area, other businesses in the area, and so many more. You finally decide on the East Plano-Richardson area. You’ve found that this area has a lot going for it, but what amenities, programs, coworking space options, and other offerings does this area have that can help you grow your business? We’ve put together just a few of the great things that East Plano-Richardson has to offer to help you get started! 

Get Involved in Your Community!

One of the best ways to grow your business is to establish connections in your community. In the East Plano-Richardson area, one of the best ways to get involved is through the local chambers. Here, you can be involved with the Richardson or Plano chambers. These organizations offer the ability to network and make connections with fellow business professionals in the area. They also have start-up programs and resources to help you get your business set up and running. 

The city of Plano offers resources such as the Collin Small Business Development Center, North Texas Small Business Development Center Network, and SCORE. According to the City of Plano Economic Development website, “The Collin Small Business Center in Plano, TX, is a partnership between the U.S. Small Business Administration, the State of Texas, and Collin College. Through this partnership, one-on-one, strategic business consulting is provided at no charge to businesses and residents of Collin and Rockwall Counties. Low and no charge workshops and seminars are scheduled on topics that are essential to business success.” 

The Richardson Chamber of Commerce also has programs and resources for entrepreneurs. The Richardson Chamber and the City of Richardson have an economic development partnership (REDP) that encourages new business growth. Check out the REDP website for more in-depth information on the amenities, resources, and programs that REDP has to offer!

Take Advantage of the SBA Resources and HUBZones!

The US Small Business Administration or SBA is dedicated to making business easier for small businesses. They have programs for Woman-Owned Businesses, as well as mentoring programs for small businesses looking to get government contracts. One of the most valuable programs that directly affect the East Plano-Richardson area is the HUBZone Program. According to the SBA website, “The HUBZone program fuels small business in historically underutilized business zones with a goal of awarding at least three percent of federal contract dollars to HUBZone-certified companies each year.” The HUBZone program aims to accomplish this by limiting competition for specific contracts to businesses in these areas. 

Now that we know what a HUBZone is… how do you as a business qualify? Well, to qualify for the HUBZone Program, your business must: 

  • Be a small business
  • Be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by U.S. citizens, a Community Development Corporation, an agricultural cooperative, an Alaska Native corporation, a Native Hawaiian organization, or an Indian tribe
  • Have its principal office located in a HUBZone
  • Have at least 35 percent of its employees living in a HUBZone

You can find the full qualification criteria in Title 13 Part 126 Subpart B of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). You can also get a preliminary assessment of whether you qualify at the SBA’s Certify website. In the past year, small businesses have taken a real hit, and programs like the HUBZone’s and other funding programs provided by the SBA can be great resources to any small business. For more information on HUBZones and other programs that the Small Business Administration provides, check out their website.

What Can CityCentral Do for You?

Starting a business is not easy. There are so many factors to consider when establishing a company, it could make your head spin. You need licenses, insurance, hire employees, and you need a place to work from. Look no further than CityCentral. 

Shared office spaces are great places for small business owners to meet other like-minded professionals. These environments foster ideas and creativity through networking, programs, and relationships created through the community. Through our Community Over Everything Campaign, we have been able to promote and highlight members and their businesses. 

Our goal is to give you, the aspiring business owner, a platform and support system to help grow and develop your business. Our partnerships, resources, and community itself provide invaluable connections that can help your business thrive! If you are just starting out or looking to take the next step and transition into an office space for your business, check out our communities here.

Headquarters, Restaurants, Entertainment, & So Much More!

What else makes East Plano- Richardson a great place to build your business? On top of being home to many large companies (like State Farm and TI), the East Plano- Richardson area is rapidly growing, making this the ideal location to plant your business. Right around our CityCentral East Plano-Richardson location, there is CityLine. CityLine hosts an array of restaurants, shops, and hotels as well as apartment complexes. Location is everything, right? This East Plano- Richardson location offers easy access to two major highways to get to Frisco/Allen in 15 minutes or less, or to Downtown Dallas in 20 minutes or less. 

East Plano-Richardson is the ideal location to grow your business, and we hope these few reasons showed you that this area has so much to offer!

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