How to Rent Office Space: Expert Tips From Workspace Owner

Finding office space may sound easy, but that’s not always the case. Before even looking at office spaces, you need to review some important aspects. You can choose from a variety of options on the market today: find an office, use a coworking space, or consider a shared workspace with meeting rooms access. Want a private office? We have collected some of the renting office space tips for you - so let us dive in and make your search easier. 

How to Find Office Space: Set Your Location Preferences

If it is just you that requires space this will be basic as you must only consider your own personal schedule and location. Finding office space for a company with many employees is much more complicated: you will need to be considerate of others and the location in which they live. Take the time to sit down with each individual and learn about where they are located, creating a marker on a map to refer to later. 

After you have done so you will be able to create a general area in which to search for space. Now that you have the area figured out, you want to know how to actually find your office space. Google maps is a great place to start! It is easy to narrow down options by a preferred location. Even if you find a company you like and don’t see them in the area, call and ask them if they have a location in your area. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an Office Space 

Whether you are in an office space rental currently or are just starting out, you will need a budget. This is so important to stick to as you don’t want to commit to something that you “Might” be able to afford. 

Becoming stressed out when it comes time to pay rent is not something you want to be focusing on. Even if you project an increase in income in the future, go with something you can afford in the now. Most places will allow you to upgrade later. 

So what does renting office space cost you ask? Well, there are many variants such as:

  • Location
  • Market
  • Demand
  • Amenities
  • Square footage
  • Add-ons 

You wouldn’t get the price of a 200-sf office in Dallas for the same in New York. And some operators aren’t all inclusive. Try finding a space that is all inclusive or a space that will be transparent on all costs including utilities, internet, etc. 

Timing In Office Space Rental

When do you want to move into your new space? Even if you don’t have a definite date, try to have a confident estimate. Providing this to a center manager during your tour is beneficial. They know everything that is going on within the community, including move outs, move ins, and offices on hold with deposits. Trust that with the more information you provide, they will be able to find you the perfect space. 

How to Find Office Space for Rent And Meet All Your Needs

You will want to create a needs list. This will help you in narrowing down your options within office spaces. The main ones we suggest:

Size - The smallest or biggest you can allow.

  • Interior or exterior - Some people need either or depending on their industry. 
  • Access hours - Do you need 24/7 or just business hours? 
  • Wi-Fi - Do you need it included or will you provide your own?
  • Free parking - Do you need free parking, or do you need to allow for that in the budget? 
  • Furniture - Will you need to bring your own or will the office space provide it for you?
  • Additional services such as phones, printing capabilities, and meeting room access. 

Paperwork for Renting Office Space

Once you have found the perfect office space for you, it’s time to make it official. When signing up for an office space you will need to have the basics. So, a valid ID, first months rent, deposit, and to sign a contract along with personal information forms. It is quite simple to physically sign up for one. If you are bringing employees with you, they will typically have to fill some paperwork out as well. 

Renting Right Office Space Can Help Your Big or Small Business Grow

Proper office space that fits your every need in footage, location, amenities, and budget, can make a huge difference to your company workflow and efficiency. Finding such an office space can be intimidating at first with all things considered BUT making that step to grow your business will pay off, especially within a community that loves to watch its members thrive!

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