How to Support Local Businesses

5 Ways to Support Small/Local Businesses 

Imagine finally being able to start your dream job of becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own business. You know the beginning will be challenging, but just the feeling of doing what you love makes it all worth it. You have finally found the perfect space to bring your vision to life. You get a loan, begin renovation and then a global pandemic shuts down the whole nation, leaving you with supply but no demand. This is realty for most small/local business owners across the globe right now. So, what can YOU do to help? You’ve heard it before and you’re going to hear it again – SUPPORT LOCAL


Gift Cards/Certificates 

Social distancing makes it hard to get out and physically support your favorite local business, but that is why the internet is a beautiful thing (in this case). Buying gift cards or certificates online automatically generates revenue for that neighborhood boutique. Gift to a friend or spoil yourself on a slow Monday. That little bit out of your wallet can make a small business owner’s entire week! 


Order Pickup or Delivery 

If you MUST have a sip of your local coffee shops pumpkin spice latte with 4 shots of espresso (not judging), then you are in luck. The 21st century has blessed us with services that will pick that up for you and deliver it straight to your doorstep. If you could have your favorite hand poured candle delivered straight to you just in time for fall, then why wouldn’t you? Take use of these services, especially now! 


Share, Like & Comment 

Social media is another easy and fast way to support local businesses online. Interacting with their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., helps them get recognized and gain more interaction with consumers. Reposting their pictures or creating your own post with their product/service allows you to be there friend and free marketing team at the same time! Even just liking or commenting on their feed helps others see it in your area. Pro tip: always remember to tag them so users can get to their page quickly and see how awesome they are! 


Spread the Word 

Yelp and Google Reviews can make or break a business these days. Some people make it their part time job to review every single place they step into. There is an art to writing a great review. Always leave a rating, write about your experience, then add photos for others to look at. It can be hard to gain foot traffic when starting a small business, but reviews can help locals discover them when searching for that new spot to eat! 


Tip Extra 

Service workers are battling with the effects of less people going out into the world. Hair stylists clientele has cut in half. Restaurant capacity limits have hindered the typical Saturday night wave of people that many servers rely on. Housekeepers are no longer cleaning houses. The point is that anyone who offers a service that involves contact with others is struggling. If you are starting to go back out to restaurants, salons, etc. – TIP EXTRA! These workers are putting their health at risk to provide a service for you. The little amount may seem insignificant, but it isn’t to them.  


Helping others during a time when everyone is struggling is an important moral to put into practice. When you know that you have made another person’s day, it makes your day better. The small/local businesses that you drive past each day are a part of your community, so it is important to continue to support them and encourage them to keep going!  


Here are some of the CityCentral Team's favorite local businesses to support:

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