Shared Coworking Space 101: How To Find The Right One

Tired of spending hours working and not getting things done? Need a change in environment to boost your productivity? A shared working space might just be the right solution for you and your business.

What is coworking space and is it right for me? In order to find the right coworking space, you will need to have some knowledge of what a coworking space is. Coworking is an environment that promotes productivity and allows you to be a part of a community. You share the space and tools with other people who also thrive in this environment, which is a great way to make new connections. For some companies, networking is a huge part of what they do, and making new friends is always a plus! It also allows you to be free to move around the facility throughout the day, a great way to stretch your legs and get a different view. Top coworking spaces usually have more than one space and typically offer the benefit of traveling to their other centers! This is perfect if you have an appointment in another area or just want a change of pace.

What Are the Top Coworking Space Benefits?

Coworking Space Benefits

Being somewhere that offers more than just coworking can be very beneficial. When choosing a 

shared working space near you, consider all the amenities that will be included or discounted for you. They may just make your decision on where to go easier. These are a few that are always a bonus: 

  • Discounted meeting room rates.  
  • Options to add onto or upgrade membership if needed.  
  • Free secure Wi-Fi with your own credentials. 
  • Free to use a community kitchen.  
  • 24/7 access.  
  • Phone booths.  
  • Other companies that they partner with to help clients grow their business.

These amenities are perfect for anyone, and the flexibility is ideal for growing businesses.

Cool coworking spaces that provide that sense of community and a welcoming environment will have an impact on not only you but any clients or guests you bring in.

The best coworking spaces are the ones that can help your company grow.

They love to hear about all the accomplishments you are making within your business and are grateful to learn about all the hard work you put in.

Shared working spaces aren’t just for you, they are also a great team environment! Being in a conventional office space might sound great at first until you are all going back and forth between each other’s offices and conversations get all mixed up. Communication is key in making a team work well together, so imagine being able to brainstorm, problem-solve, and get a project completed all while you are interacting with the team on a whole new productive level. The best part is you are also in an amazing coworking community! Shared spaces can have many different setups, ranging from a quiet area for those who need privacy to a large area for the team to write out their ideas on a big whiteboard wall.

How Much Do The Best Coworking Spaces Cost?

Coworking Spaces Cost

Okay, you are really loving the idea of coworking, but what does it cost? Depending on the benefits and space, you are looking at around $100-$300 per month. If you will only need it during business hours, look for a shared coworking space that provides this option as it is usually discounted!

Don’t be afraid to talk about different custom options with the community manager, you just might find the perfect fit!

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Shared Working Business 

So, what questions do you need to ask yourself to make sure that shared working space is the right fit for you?  

  • Are you comfortable working in an open area around other individuals?
  • What industry are you in and will it allow you to cowork productively?  
  • Does it fit into your budget?
  • Is the location a convenient distance from where you live?
  • Do you have a team? If so, do you need to speak with them about their opinion on this
  • decision? 
  • How long are you willing to commit to an agreement?
  • Does coworking fit your needs?

I can’t answer these for you, and you may need to add your own depending on what your

needs are. Hopefully, this will help in making the right decision for you!

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