Launch Partner Spotlight: Daniel Labroad

Meet Daniel Labroad, the CEO of Health & Life Services! We sat down to discuss his success story, navigating , and his plans as a member of our LAUNCH program team.

As we’ve been navigating these trying times, the CityCentral team has been brainstorming ideas on how we can help DFW businesses thrive when the time is right. With the help of our amazing partners, we came up with our latest idea, LAUNCH. The LAUNCH program is not just space, but a set of tools to help you either launch or re-launch your business. Over the next few weeks, we will be talking to our partners in the LAUNCH program who are ready to tell you why they are excited to give back to DFW businesses.

Daniel LaBroad is the CEO of Ovation Health & Life Services. As part of the LAUNCH program team, Daniel will be providing Employee Benefits and Human Resources Consulting for all launch members. This includes launching or managing your benefits program, providing complimentary HR services like employee handbooks, performance reviews and HR compliance needs, as well as their employee learning and management system.  Daniel sat down with us to discuss his experience in business, the fallout from COVID-19, and how he hopes to benefit DFW businesses with LAUNCH. 

How Did Health & Life Services Come to Be?

For nearly fourteen years now Daniel LaBroad has made his business the growth of others, and for Daniel, business has been booming. Ovation Health & Life Services is a Plano-based employee benefits firm specializing in consulting for small and mid-sized companies. Mr. LaBroad has made the primary goal of Ovation to help employers cut costs while maximizing their bottom-line utilizing employee benefits. What started as a focus on developing the best insurance plan for companies has grown to include Ovation providing a full suite of human resources services and technologies to assist businesses in attracting the best talent, remaining compliant and continuing to grow.

Daniel Sees The Big Picture

What sets Daniel and Ovation apart is their flexibility and desire to develop personalized strategies for their clients. While competitors will typically take on your employees becoming co-employers (PEO model) or broker the most basic insurance plans with little or no service, Ovation takes the time to identify the long-term goals of each business they consult and develop a plan that best accommodates their immediate needs. In some cases that does mean Ovation will fill the role of a PEO, in others, it means leaning on Daniel's experience in the insurance industry to tailor a plan to the company's needs. Daniel takes personal joy in being able to cut client costs by 20 to 40 percent on average, while simultaneously providing better care for the employees. The goal not only to help the client see immediate savings but help facilitate reaching long-term goals.

Adapting is The Key

COVID-19 has been, at the very least, a disrupter for all businesses, no one could have planned for this when developing their growth strategies. Amid the crisis, Daniel LaBroad has double-downed on his commitment to helping his clients maintain stability and care for their employees. Demonstrating his ability to adapt to the changing needs of his clients, Daniel has spent the last couple of weeks helping his clients apply for and receive loans from the Small Business Association. At a time when many are struggling to even navigate the process to apply for SBA loans, Daniel has been able to get his clients the loans necessary to care for their employees and keep operations running.

We Are Here For All City Central Members

It is Daniel’s desire to help benefit business owners that has excited him to work with CityCentral for our LAUNCH program. His mindset is fundamentally different from other brokers. His goal has always been to provide more than just one-time cost-saving ideas, but rather serve as a long-term benefit for the growth and success of the people he works with. His success in the industry speaks for itself and we here at CityCentral are lucky to have him on our team. We are excited to see Daniel lend his talents and expertise to a larger community within the CityCentral team. Learn more about Launch here.

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