Private vs Shared Workspace: Which Is For You?

You’ve already decided you want to become a member of a flexible workspace option. Now, you’re left with the decision of opting for either a shared workspace or a private office. Which is right for you?

Free coffee, free tea, free wifi, access to social events, access to workshops, access to meeting rooms…at CityCentral these are amenities that are included in your membership regardless of whether you opt for a coworking, a private office, or anything in between.

Your Personality & Business Field Will Affect Your Choice

These perks aside, how do you choose which type of workspace is best for you? A good place to start is to consider your personality type and your line of work. Some types of business’ require more confidentiality than others (think lawyers, psychologists, accountants), in terms of personality, some people need constant stimuli to be more productive, while others might work best in a quiet, more isolated environment.

The coworking option tends to work best for freelancers or early stage startups that can greatly benefit from constant interactions. It’s also the best option for individuals that are outgoing and generally enjoy being in other people’s company. It’s the obvious option for those who feel motivated by seeing people around them work and exchange ideas.

On the other side of the spectrum, coworking (generally speaking) doesn’t work for those who are easily distracted and have a hard time concentrating when there are other people or stimuli around them.

Personal Preference Should Not Be The Only Determining Factor

Personality and personal preferences aside, when it comes to choosing the right workspace, you need to keep your business at the top of your mind. If you’re a solopreneur or a freelancer, you might benefit the most from a coworking option, as it’ll allow you to interact most with others and you don’t need a lot of room for growth.

If, however, you have a startup with a small group of people, then a private office option might work best for you, as it will allow for you and the rest of the team to work together in private, with the option of using the shared workspace if you need some extra motivation.

Additionally, a private office might work best for those who constantly work with companies that require them to sign nondisclosure agreements and have strict confidentiality clauses. Furthermore, if you have a small startup or business, having a private office would give you the option to personalize the workspace, allowing you to do some light ‘branding’ through decorations and layouts.

Your Workplace Is More Than A “Space”

Regardless of the option you choose, keep in mind that the end-goal of a workspace membership is to increase your productivity, expand your network, and grow your business as much as possible. It’s about easily being able to show up, plug in, and get down to business.

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