A Road Map for Professionals in Addison Using Our Coworking Space

Are you a professional in Addison looking for networking opportunities? Check out our blog where we dive into the ways CityCentral boosts visibility in the DFW area.

It is no secret that coworking spaces have taken the business world by storm. With a focus on community and effective networking, these commercial spaces have proven to supercharge business growth across industries. So, if you're a professional in Addison looking to take your business to new heights, you're in the right place!

At CityCentral, we provide a dynamic environment where you can network with thousands of professionals not only in Addison but also in Plano, Fort Worth, and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If you’re looking to connect with industry experts and showcase your business to a new and diverse audience, allow us to show you how we can help your business soar beyond expectations!

Choose Your Vehicle: Which Membership?

Before joining a coworking space like CityCentral, it is important to understand your business goals in the areas of finances and scalability. Key factors to consider include budget, space size, the number of people you need space for, and the rate of business growth.

Good news! We have membership options for just about any business at any stage, and our products are designed to match your unique scalability and growth trajectory. Some of our most popular memberships include:

Virtual Office Membership - The  virtual address membership is the baseline membership and is the most affordable option at our coworking space.

The virtual address package includes a Google verifiable address, mail and packaging receiving/handling, and discounted access to workspaces at all partner locations

This is the type of membership that start-ups and freelancers typically choose. It gives them a business address without the need to commit to a private office lease if they are not ready.

Coworking Membership - This membership grants you a professional address and access to the open coworking areas across all our DFW locations. With this package, you have two options: the business hours membership or the 24/7 access membership . You can choose whichever best fits your schedule and budget.

Private Office Membership - This membership grants you access to private and branded space with a fully customizable layout. This membership involves signing a month-to-month, 6-month, or 12-month lease and typically offers discounted rates if you sign up for autopay or auto-renewing features.

No matter the membership you choose, your business is in good hands with the high-end perks, amenities, and networking opportunities that come with every membership type.

First Stop: Engage with the CityCentral Community

Attend Community Events

While flexibility and administrative help are important, one of the most beneficial features CityCentral has to offer is the networking opportunities . This is especially relevant if you are just starting out, as we provide a platform for building key connections with industry leaders and gaining valuable insight.

At CityCentral, one of our main objectives is to give our clients a space where these connections take center stage. One way we do this is by hosting monthly community events where all clients and members are welcome to gather, exchange knowledge, and build long-lasting relationships.

A few examples of our member events include:

  • Monthly Member Breakfast - Our monthly member breakfast occurs the first Wednesday of every month in our community spaces. This is an opportunity to catch up with community members over some doughnuts, breakfast burritos, or whatever breakfast foods you might request!
  • Seasonal Events - These events can range from ugly Christmas sweater competitions to movie marathons, to Valentine's Day bouquet-building. At CityCentral, we try to keep things fun and engaging for our members to help break up the monotony of the typical workday.
  • Community Event Board - Lastly, in order to keep the community members in the know, we regularly update our community event board with events happening in the area. These might include professional networking events or laid-back outdoor gatherings.

By being a part of large professional community of people with similar goals and desires, you can find yourself connecting with other professionals not just in the workplace but outside of it too!

Participate in a Member Spotlight

Another valuable way you can build connections and get your name out there is by opting for the member spotlight at whichever CityCentral location you choose to office at.

A member spotlight is a social media and blog feature that our in-house marketing team puts together for a different CityCentral client every month. Typically, the marketing team sends out an e-mail to clients to gauge interest, and if you would like to schedule a feature, you simply reply to the e-mail with an ideal date.

Once you've confirmed you'd like a feature, you work directly with the marketing team to coordinate details. Typically, you will receive a list of questions about your business that you can answer in any format you'd like, as well as a professional photo of yourself, a link to your main website, and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Once the marketing team receives your information, they use it to craft a blog exploring the ins and outs of your business. The team then aims to publish the blog just ahead of a full-scale social media spotlight, including a Facebook post, an Instagram post, an email blast to all CityCentral members, and a LinkedIn post directing 3,000 members of our network back to the featured blog.

The member spotlight is a simple process and an excellent way to boost credibility and visibility among peers and potential clients in the DFW area!

Host Your Own Event

Lastly, another brilliant way to build your network and credibility is to work with our on-site staff and marketing team to host an event of your choice.

Members at CityCentral have hosted a range of business events that run the gamut - these have included demo days, lunch and learns, laid-back networking mixers, and even a food truck event where clients were able to have a delicious lunch and just hang out together.

Whatever grand ideas you have, our staff and marketing specialists are eager to help you maximize exposure and streamline the planning process.

Reliable Navigation: Seek Advice!

Whether you're interested in a member spotlight or hosting an event, all you need to do is stop by the front desk or e-mail your center staff with as much detail as you are able to give them. If you are not sure where to start, that's okay too! Just let our team know more about your business and who you'd like to connect with, and they can help you curate a plan for success.

For both member spotlights and member events, once all the details have been coordinated, the in-house marketing team can put together promotional material to make sure all members of the community know what's happening.

However, if you think you'd rather focus your business on a target audience, you can have the CityCentral team devise a strategic list of members to advertise to at any time you have something going on in the center.

Overall, our goal is to maximize your exposure and get you on as many people's radars as possible!

Bon Voyage!

In summary, officing at a CityCentral coworking space provides many benefits for professionals in all fields. Most notably, it gives you the chance to meet and connect with industry leaders while working in a professional space where innovation thrives.

If you are interested in joining our community, please don’t hesitate to book a tour at one of our DFW locations by e-mailing info@citycentral.com.

We look forward to helping your business conquer new territory throughout the DFW metroplex and beyond!


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