A Quick but Efficient Guide to Office Plants

Want to have more air to breathe in your office space? Buy some plants! Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the best plants to decorate your office and boost your productivity.

Regardless of if you are working from home, work in a shared office or have your own private office, you absolutely need a plant for your coworking space! Not only do plants add vibrancy to your décor, but they can also improve mood and air quality. Bringing plants inside creates a connection to nature which inherently makes people feel energized, peaceful, and welcome. Of course, we know that not every person has a green thumb so we’ve provided a quick guide to office plants to help you find and care for your new leafy companion. 

What Are The Best Office Desk Plants?

For individuals who work from a desk at home or in an office, it is easy to add a touch of nature and the outside world, by simply adding one or many more modern office plants to a desk. The best part is even a novice plant owner can start their collection with any of the following suggestions. 

  1. Snake Plants – Although there are numerous types of snake plants, the friendliest type to new plant parents are the ‘Futura Superba’ or ‘Laurentiis’. Both are hearty and like natural light and need to be watered only once every couple of weeks! Not to mention, they will continue to grow tall throughout your career. You can literally measure your success by the height of your snake plant!
  2. African Violets – Although the current model in the plant world is succulents or ivy plants, a great way to add an additional pop of color to your desk is African Violets. The purple blooms and fuzzy leaves add a sense of hospitality to any space. As a bonus, the African Violet can thrive in most indoor environments and temperatures and does not require direct sunlight. Even a little fluorescent desk lamp can keep this petite plant happy!
  3. Devil’s Ivy – This versatile plant can grow in both the sunshine and shade, which makes it one of the best plants for an office desk with no windows. The lively vines will grow in any direction and are ideal for climbing or trailing along with a desk or wall planter. 
  4. Succulents – In recent years the succulent has become one of the most popular types of plants to collect, especially in a workspace. Not only are succulents hearty and low maintenance, due to the fact they only have to be watered once every couple of weeks, but they also range in color, shape, and size. These are the best office desk plants if you want to add to the visual esthetics of your desk space. 

The Best Tall Office Plants

Tall office plants are great for decorating in offices because they help fill the space and add to the visuals of the space. Similarly to picking desk plants, there are certain qualities you should look for in order to select the most ideal plant(s) for your space. 

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig – Not only is it a fun challenge to say the name of this plant 10 times fast, it also adds beautiful lush green warm tones to any space creating a welcoming environment. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is an excellent choice for a space with lots of bright natural light. Even better if there are tall ceilings! Just be sure not to change this plant’s environment too much or it can start to shed leaves! 
  2. Rubber Plant – As far as tall office plants go, this one will physically reach to meet expectations. This quick-growing green machine can reach up to 10 feet in height in just a few years! Additionally, it is heartier than the Fiddle Leaf Fig and will adapt to low or bright light. However, with its fast-growing nature, you’ll want to carefully consider where to place it in your office.
  3. Monstera – The monstera is most notable for its large heart-shaped leaves. With the ability to grow 8 feet in height and 2 feet in width, this plant is the perfect choice to fill an open workspace environment. Although the monstera can adapt to low light, they thrive in bright light and humid atmospheres.

Basic Care of Office Decor Plants

Now that we’ve given some ideas for easy office plants, let’s take a look at a couple of basic care tips. 

  • Over-watering – Over-watering is a common mishap for most first-time plant owners. Overwatering can cause root rot which is difficult to reverse. If you are concerned your plant is under-watered, try adding a small amount of water and then waiting a couple of days to see how the plant reacts. A common sign of overwatering is yellow or brown limp leaves or brown spots encircled by yellow halos.
  • Under-watering – In general, if a plant is drooping or getting brown or yellow crisp leaves, it is a sign of under-watering. Dry soil doesn’t necessarily mean a plant needs water, especially in the case of succulents and snake plants. So it is most helpful to look at the plant's leaves to determine if it needs water.

Summing Up

We hope that you are ready to add some leafy companions to your workspace and that this guide will help you select the perfect indoor office plants for your space! 

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