#communityovereverything: Brett Seidl

As part of our #CommunityOverEverything campaign, we sat down with Brett Siedl, to discuss how she came to be a successful interior design firm owner and what advice she can give to entrepreneurs.

As we sit down with more and more CityCentral members each week to discuss how they are handling this current crisis, we are fascinated by their optimism and are always so eager to share their inspiration and insight with our community. We had the opportunity to speak with CityCentral Plano member and founder of Brett Nicole Interiors, Brett Seidl, to continue our #CommunityOverEverything campaign and were fortunate enough to learn more about Brett, how she went from a career in nonprofit management to owning her own high end residential interior design firm, how her company is giving back and what advice she can give to others.

What Makes Brett Nicole Interiors Different

Brett Nicole Interiors can do anything from full scale remodeling to e-design. The firm can turn a boring space into something exciting and refreshing. Brett has always been a creative person and artist. She discovered sitting at a desk all day long just didn’t feel right. So, what started out as a side job for friends, has now turned into Brett’s bliss.

With over 2000 interior designers in the area, competition can be tough, but Brett knows how to set her company apart. Brett explains, “[Our designs] have become recognizable in the Dallas area, we use unique juxtaposition of cozy but really modern and we’re not afraid to use color in this all white trend that’s going on.” 

Word of mouth is your best friend in any business, but especially interior design. You want people to see your work and know exactly who it is. Not only are Brett Nicole designs unique and different, but they truly care about their customers. Brett explains, “We go out of our way to make sure our clients, every single one of them, no matter what their project scale or their budget, they just feel really pampered throughout the whole project.” When the vision in Brett’s head come’s to full fruition and she gets to see her clients thrive in the environment that she designed, she knows she picked the right career. 

Brett’s Advice: Help Yourself By Serving Others

All of us are struggling right now whether it be financially or mentally, just knowing that we aren’t alone and can be there for each other can uplift our spirits. Brett emphasizes the importance of giving back during this time. She explains, “It helps take your mind off yourself. It’ll just help you not struggle so much with what you’re going through.” 

Brett has created a GoFundMe in order to give back and serve the community. Her company will be matching all the donations up to $1000. “My goal is to kind of help, two birds one stone kind of a way. So, we will be using the donations to buy gift cards from several small local restaurants just to help keep them afloat. We will then be gifting those gift cards to a local nonprofit in Plano called Hope’s Door New Beginning. They shelter domestic violence victims.” She explains how all the meals are usually provided by onsite volunteers who are now unable to leave their homes, so they are very low on meals. 

Closing Thoughts

As a successful business owner, it can be easy to lose sight of your values. Brett shares with us her personal motto and her greatest professional advice, “Whatever you do, make sure you’re doing it not just for yourself.” It is important to operate your business in a well-respected, fair environment. Make sure you don’t forget what led you to the place you are now. Brett explains, “I work in interior design, which is a really materialistic industry, but I always feel like regardless of what I do, if I conduct myself and my business in a reputable manner… I’ve been successful.”

If you are looking to liven up your home visit brettnicoleinteriors.com or follow Brett on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration!

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