Tips and Advice on How to Thrive during the Corona Virus

Are you struggling to adjust to life under lockdown? Here are some tips on surviving the coronavirus pandemic and coming out of this temporary new normal feeling better than ever.

We are all searching for the best ways to cope, survive, and thrive during this particularly difficult time in the world. Whether it’s just getting through the day with your wound-up kids or having to completely shift the way you operate your business or doing both at the same time, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help people in any and every different situation.

7 Ways to Keep Going Under The Lockdown

1.   First thing is first, stay healthy and stay home if you are able. Staying home does not mean you have to hide in your dark room 24/7 staring at your computer screen – make sure to take breaks, go for walks, sit on your porch and enjoy your home. Wash your hands after touching anything that is frequently touched by others. Or just anytime you think to, doesn’t have to be because you touched something gross. Avoid touching your face. And disinfect! If you are struggling to find disinfectant at the store here’s how to make your own :

2. Next step is making sure you are creating a schedule! Everyone thrives on predictability and routine. Don’t be thrown off without your regular routine and make a new one and stick to it!

3. Get some sleep! That extra hour you usually spend sitting in the car, use to sleep. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping in, you will still be up in time to be productive!

4. Add exercise into your schedule. No commute = time to go for a jog, climb your stairs 50 times, or have a dance party with your kids.

5. Eat well, practice your cooking and make your family try all the new things you come up with and try to stay on the fresh fruits and veggies path.

6. Be honest! And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many therapists and counselors are using secure video chat to help patients. This website has some great tools if you’re not quite ready to ask for professional help  

7. Treat yourself! We all miss eating out at restaurants but nowadays there are so many services to order from. Like Caviar, UberEATS, Door Dash, Postmates, and even the restaurants own service if you are in their area. This also the perfect way to support local businesses AND get that yummy food.,,, .

Tips For Employers - How to Organize Your Team

So, you’re on the right track to staying healthy and happy and this new norm with the quarantine. Now we have the task of working remote. Whether you are an employee needing guidance on how to stay productive, or you are an employer who needs help keeping your team on track and staying productive. We have some great tips to help you out!

First here are a few tips for employers:

1. First, implement a great communication tool. Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are great tools to keeping everyone in the loop and making it easy to communicate between staff.

2. Create regular check ins with the team. Keep everyone on the same page! With lots of distractions available at home, it’s easy for a team to get distracted! Help your team stay on track by creating checklists or scheduling regular meetings to follow up and offer help.

3. Maintain company culture: Hold a virtual happy hour, play a trivia game to start the day off, have a pet show and tell with everyone’s furry friends.

Tips For Employees - How to Stay Sane & Productive

Now, let’s move on to employees who are trying to stay productive!

1. Prepare: make sure you have all the tools and supplies you need now that you are not in the office.

2. Create your workspace. If you work better in natural light move closer to a window, or if you need music to focus grab some headphones and pick a playlist.

3. Get dressed! Changing out of those PJ’s and into what you wear to work can give yourself a mental clue it’s time to get some productivity going.

4. Keep a schedule, lay out your day even if it gets a little off track and remember to take breaks, just because you are at home doesn’t mean you need to force yourself to work 8 hours straight. Meditation or working out are great ways to take a break.

5. Keep your communication lines open! Ask questions, ask for help, offer your help and input to fellow colleagues who are adjusting as well, we can figure this out together. This is a helpful guide that I think is very helpful and you can even make your own suggestions!

6. Lastly, know what resources you have open to you! This is a great guide for remote work tips :


What about if you need assistance with Unemployment, Paid Sick Leave or business loans and relief?  

Please visit our other articles on the CARES Act and the FFCRA Act for more info!


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