Top 7 Tips On Staying Motivated

Sometimes we confuse procrastination with motivation. You hear people say it all the time: “I just need the motivation to get started.” It’s important to be self-aware and pay attention to how you feel when you’re stuck in a rut. The simplest way to combat self-destructive time wasting is to quit procrastinating. People tend to wait to find motivation before taking action, which is unproductive. Take action immediately and the motivation will follow. We’ve collected some tips from our members at CityCentral to help you bridge the gap between motivation and procrastination:

Track your progress

Remember being in elementary school and getting a “gold star” for your accomplishments at the end of the day? Do the same thing for yourself.  Write down a list of things you want to complete daily. It can be small tasks that are business or personal related. It’s very motivating to put a check mark next to those things at the end of every day. It doubles as personal accountability as well, because you will be able to catch yourself falling off track quicker by becoming more aware of your daily habits.

If you think it, ink it

With so much technology around us, sometimes it’s nice to put a pen to paper. A great notebook (especially great for Entrepreneurs) is the Action Method Journal. It’s broken up so well that you can prioritize your smaller tasks and plan for bigger projects. The immediate to-do’s are so gratifying because you get instant motivation by marking off the smaller projects on your lists.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it

Visualize everything. You’ve probably heard about vision boards. They can seem cliche, but they are effective. The problem is most people make one and put them away somewhere out of sight. What’s the point of a vision board if you don’t see it? If you make one, put it somewhere that you’re forced to look at. For instance, your mirror where you blow dry your hair or on the wall next to your stove where you cook. Simply putting it up on your office wall isn’t always the best. Distractions, as well as not being in the present moment to take time to visualize, can make your vision board less effective.

Learn more. Earn more

Get in the habit of learning something new every day. Spend 15 minutes in the morning or evening to look something up. We have so much knowledge at our fingertips with smartphones and the Internet. Business-related blogs and articles are everywhere and you can find virtually anything you want to know.  Knowledge is power, and keeping up to date with current news and trends can help you stay motivated and confident to stay on top of your goals.

Pay it forward for a purpose

It’s not about you. Well, it is all about you…but get in the mindset of thinking bigger. When you’re trying to find motivation for something, you have to take yourself out of it and find the purpose for why you’re doing it. How many people will you help? How many jobs will you create? Ask yourself those types of questions when trying to find motivation. There is no better motivation than serving others and making a difference.

Your network is your net worth

Not just financially. Mentally. Energy from others can really affect your productivity. People will either deposit or withdraw energy from you. Choose your circle and work environment wisely. If you’re in a rut trying to find motivation, get out and network. Meeting new people and sharing ideas will help you get inspired to do more.

Don’t Procrastinate. Get Motivated

At CityCentral, we take pride in helping our members stay motivated to achieve goals by providing a coworking space with like-minded and creative individuals to network with and learn from. If you’re ready to change your work environment and get motivated, come work with us for free for a day and meet people who can help you grow your business.


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