Where to Move Your Office in Dallas

Where to Move Your Office in Dallas

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is an extremely popular area for businesses to relocate to in 2022. In fact, more people moved to the area between July 2020 and July 2021 than any other metro area in the entire country. 

But the DFW area covers more than 8,000 square miles, touches more than 11 counties, and houses more than 7 million people. Choosing where you want to locate your office can be incredibly challenging. Couple that with a scorching hot housing market and you’ve got some homework to do to make sure that you pick a good location for your office. 

Here are some of the major factors to consider when looking for an office location in DFW.

Proximity to major highways and public transportation

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is extremely reliant on cars and a vast majority of workers travel along the main highways to get to work. Some of these highways, like 75 and 635 in Dallas and 820 and I35 in Fort Worth, are free to drive on. But others, like the Dallas North Tollway, require that drivers pay tolls. These highways can play a major role as you look for an office space. If your employees will be driving on a toll road every day to get to your office, you’d need to consider offering them a stipend for tolls as the costs can be prohibitive for some employees. 

Another factor to consider is public transportation. While Dallas and Fort Worth are not known for their highly efficient public transportation, there are still many people who use the trains and buses in order to get to work. Most of the train stops are near the highways so it’s a good idea to select an office that is close to the major roads as well as the train and bus stops so that your employees have the easiest commute possible. 

Amenities: Restaurants, Shopping, Doctor’s Offices, and More

Another important factor when choosing an office location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is what other businesses are located around it. Your employees will want places they can frequent for lunch or after-work drinks, they’ll want to be in close proximity to desirable shopping locations so they can run errands before or after work, and they’ll need to be able to go to healthcare, beauty, and other appointments quickly. 

There are numerous locations throughout the metroplex where you can find all of these types of businesses in close proximity. Office buildings that are close to amenities like these are often more expensive, but they are also much more desirable. If you’re going to require employees to come into the office, and especially if you’re asking employees to relocate to the DFW area, then it would be a major benefit to provide them with an office location that makes the rest of their life more convenient. 

Nearby Suburbs and Neighborhoods

The types of houses and neighborhoods your workforce can afford to live in will affect where you’d like your office to be located. If you have a higher-earning workforce, they might gravitate towards some of the more affluent neighborhoods and suburbs while a blue-collar workforce would naturally live in the more affordable areas. Choosing an office location based solely on where you, as the boss, might want to live could negatively affect your workers if they’re having to drive significantly further than you. So do some research one housing costs in the surrounding areas before choosing a location.

These are some of the major things to consider when moving your office space to Dallas. If you’re looking for a location in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Addison, or Fort Worth, CityCentral has coworking offices available and ready for your business. 


By Scott Bedgood

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