Why Podcasting is a Great Marketing Tool

Have you noticed a sudden surge in the popularity of podcasting? We sure did. Here’s why more and more people are turning to this format as a way to market their business.

What is a podcast? A podcast is an audio recording on a specific topic that can be listened to. Now I know that sounds quite simple and it is but there is much more to it!

There are many different types of podcasting depending on what you are needing some of those include One – one – one interviews, solo commentary, panel, nonfiction narrative story telling, fictional story telling, hybrid, and repurposed content. So, what is right for you and your business? Read this great article explaining those in depth and see which one stands out! The Seven Most Common Podcast Formats: With Examples.

Why Podcasts and Marketing Are a Killer Combination

Now that you know the basics, how is it good for marketing? There is low competition around only 700,000 podcasts airing, and that number shrinks when you refine by topics. So there maybe only a handful of other people discussing your business topic. 

It also takes little effort on the listeners behalf for them to engage and is the perfect content for multi-taskers as most of us our in this day and age. 

Part of this low effort is how mobile friendly podcasts are. Instead of listening to the same songs on the radio while you are on your way to the grocery store your audience can listen to your podcast. As well as in the grocery store! 

They are also growing in popularity as they are such a great way for people to learn new things or stay entertained. The audience for podcasts is typically very loyal. They establish a connection with the host and want to check back each time there is a new episode. Its also a great way to get more social media followers as listeners will be more inclined to follow your platforms to stay updated on new content. 

One of the reasons podcasters gain a loyal audience is being interactive with your listeners. You can create audience polls, answer questions, and take calls! Another plus is interviewing other experts in your industry as this helps build your professional network.  

Establishing credibility and a reputation. This is where the well-researched information and guides you provide your audience comes in. They want to hear the information from someone who is passionate and invested in what they are listening to. 

Consistency is key! If your podcasts are scheduled on the same day and time every week your listeners will be anticipating it all week, possibly sharing it with friends and family and that does great for awareness. 

Start a Podcast Before Your Competitors Do!

Check out podcasts for yourself and see if it is something you enjoy. Doesn’t have to be related to your business, maybe it about a hobby you enjoy! Put yourself in the listeners shoes and get a feel for how it works. See these two guides for iPhone and android on how to download the app. How To Download Podcasts On iPhone: The Simple Guide!

How to use podcasts in Google Play Music for Android

CityCentral partners with Innovation Media Enterprises who run our podcast studios and they have different packages to help get you started. Just reach out to us and we can connect you.  What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to embark on this new journey!

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