Why Workspace in Plano, TX Is a Great Idea

The third fastest-growing metropolis in the US, Plano, Texas, is striving to become a “city of excellence” with a community perfect for building a business.

There’s a reason Plano, TX has attracted the likes of JC Penney, Cinemark, and Frito Lay.

The reason is simple: Plano is going through an astounding development boom. While the rest of the US has an unemployment rate of 5.20%, Plano is only 3.50%; recent job growth in the area (3.09%) surpasses that of other major cities (1.59%), and future job growth is looking better in Plano than in any other area by almost 5%.

Dallas has historically been a hotspot for businesses and individuals, and the northern part of the city hasn’t been far behind. Recently, Plano  and Denton have become viable night-and-day commercial centers; which has attracted individuals and businesses, turning Plano and Denton into ‘edge cities’.

In a booming economy, companies are looking to settle in the right location. For various companies,, the right location is one with a booming market–like Plano. Being based out of a booming city market means constant buzz, being exposed to movement and new clients, and being close to where innovation and creativity can strike at any given moment.

Workspace in Plano is not only a great idea, but also a strategic business move.

The benefits of workspace in Plano go beyond that of being surrounded by the buzz and constant activity of the city’s downtown. Plano, along with Dallas and Irving, was ranked #9 for job growth.

Additionally, according to Scott Beyer, a Forbes contributor, corporate relocation to Plano is so popular at the moment, “as companies seek out the area because of limited taxes and a good business climate.”

(Plano, Texas sales tax rate is 8.25% and income tax is 0.00%.)

This explains why Toyota North America is shifting its production from Kentucky to Texas, and it’s a clear indicator of the promising business environment Plano holds.

As for you, why should you and your business find workspace in Plano?

The answer is simple–it’s a prime location with a favorable future and with various options to suit different business needs; this is especially the case when looking at flexible workspace providers in the area.

Our Plano, TX Workspace Will Enhance Your Business

Whether you run a one-man business, a small startup, or an established company, Plano, TX has a lot to offer, and so do we at CityCentral. A booming and evolving economy, an engaging community, a prestigious address, and flexible lease terms can go a long way when settling into a new market or when hoping to grow even more in an already established one.

What are you waiting for? Give your business that extra edge by establishing an office in a booming, developing ‘edge city’.

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