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CityCentral Spotlight: nada Realty

At CityCentral we like to tout the success of our clients and nada Realty is receiving some positive press! nada is headquartered here at CityCentral and VoyageDallas magazine featured this start up thanks in part to its founder’s innovative approach to real estate. You may recall this past summer we showed you how co-founders Zak … Continued

CityCentral Spotlight: Rev Up

At CityCentral, we are lucky to be surrounded by a variety of interesting businesses.  Quite often our members hit milestones that are worth mentioning and celebrating. One of the companies enjoying success is Dallas based “Rev Up,” utilizing two office spaces in our community since last summer.  Rev Up is a creative development and television … Continued

Team Collaboration: Beyond Technology

Effective collaboration is important on many levels. It advances the mission of your team or brand, and it encourages ideas and innovation. But with today’s massive proliferation of communication apps and social platforms, sometimes the human element gets lost in the process. Sure, if you’re working with a remote team this might be easier said … Continued

Your Small Business Needs a Meeting Room: Here’s Why

Small business owners are often challenged for space. Working from a home office is common, and while it may be convenient, it’s not always an ideal situation for many reasons. With children, spouses, pets, and well-meaning neighbors, it can be difficult to organize meetings or have uninterrupted conference calls. If this sounds like what you’re … Continued

5 Tips That Will Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance

Whether you work-to-live or live-to-work, achieving work-life balance allows you to enjoy the personal and maximize the professional. Even if you thrive on spending many hours on the job, it’s still critical to take a break from work. Many studies prove that downtime improves performance. New York Times reports Ernst & Young found that for … Continued

What is flexible office space and why should you consider it?

Flexible office space is becoming a mainstream must-have these days, catering to an increasingly mobile workforce, remote workers, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who are focused on staying lean and smart. But beyond the buzz word, what exactly is flexible office space, and what can it offer for you? Flexible office space for small businesses … Continued

Health Be Yours

Numerous studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades. 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress in the workplace. Addressing this issue … Continued


TechKnowligence provides high quality IT support services to businesses with 15 to 75 employees. While meeting with Donny McIver he explained his goal was to create a technology management company expertly meeting the IT support needs of small businesses in the Dallas area. Saying, “Our attention to detail is packaged with an adept understanding of the … Continued

Stay Savvi

Stay Savvi is a full service agency built for the now. They create partnerships with their clients to move the needle forward with media, management, technical support and everything in- between, allowing businesses to do the things they love! Rock Robinson, the founder of Stay Savvi discovered the need for assistance with technology and innovation. … Continued


Eugene Paden is the Chief Technology Officer at RayBizTech, a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. Founded in 2009, Ray Business Technologies provides cutting-edge IT Solutions to Enterprises worldwide, empowering them to utilize available resources and manage their operations effectively by improving efficiency, optimizing services, securing information and reducing costs in North America, … Continued