"Cut the Crap: Achieve More Happiness and Success With Less"

April 17 @ 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM


Description: Achieve greater success and happiness in your life by ridding the things which hold you back. Learn the philosophy of minimalism and how it applies to workplace wellness and personal and professional development. Clear the mental, physical, and emotional clutter in your life. Attendees will learn: How to evaluate things in their lives and businesses that keep them from producing, performing, and achieving as they’d like. The essentials of minimalism and how the philosophy of minimalism can help one uplevel their career, their business, and personal development. How minimalism and “cutting the crap” can help one overcome mental health struggles, burnout, and stress. How to eliminate those things that keep them from added happiness and success. Bio:  Jake Melton is an engaging and moving keynote speaker, author, Forbe’s featured coach, and a respected leadership and influence expert. He is a proud voice and advocate for mental health and Tourette Syndrome. Jake’s background is in organizational psychology and he has worked on leadership development and change management initiatives alongside CEO’s, stakeholders, executives, and entrepreneurs. He has a keen ability to understand the modern workforce and what is needed to succeed as an organization today and lead across multiple generations in the workforce. Jake is set out to help develop world-class leaders that can lead us in today’s world and help build the future, rising generation of leaders that our future will need. He is a firm believer in filling your own cup before you can fill the cups of others and has constructed coaching and speaking programs based on personal and professional development  strategies designed specifically for leaders. Jake is author of the book “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap” and is a top voice among LinkedIn and other professional communities. He has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken at conferences, conventions, trainings, and other corporate and  business events. Lunch Provided for Confirmed RSVP’s.



    April 17


    11:30 AM - 01:00 PM





17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248

"Cut the Crap: Achieve More Happiness and Success With Less"

17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248

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