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Free workshop: Using your voice to close the sale

March 06 @ 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Whether you’re in HR, marketing, or direct sales, you use your voice to sell. Could the vocal impression you make be preventing your success? Losing you respect? Inhibiting sales? Learn how the sound of your voice can help you make money. Melanie Murphy, a professional speaker and voice actor, works with Fortune 100 companies to influence and sell through the persuasion of commercials and video. Join Cornbread Hustle for a workshop where you’ll learn to: · Overcome vocal snares · How your voice can be more engaging · Get your call returned so you can close the sale Help your team put their best voice forward. Give them the advantage of a powerful voice image – and reap the benefits of better sales. About Melanie: Melanie Murphy has been a Dallas girl all her days. After almost ten years in radio, which included hosting a nationally syndicated news talk show, Melanie now speaks professionally on the power of voice, while enjoying a fifteen plus year career in voice over. Helping companies like The Container Store, GoDaddy,, Centurry 21 and Shutterstock, communicate their message through commercials, videos and training, Melanie is well acquainted with what’s required of a voice to be persuasive. When she’s not on stage or behind the mic, she’s working with sales teams, recruiting firms and call centers to help them improve their sales approach by portraying vocal confidence that makes you want to return a call or continue a conversation. Find out more at



    March 06


    10:30 AM - 12:00 PM





17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248

Free workshop: Using your voice to close the sale

17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248

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