Athlete Training and Health

Athlete Training and Health design programs around athletes, combining exercise and performance with sports medicine and wellness. From young, amateur athletes under 18 to professional athletes, they focus on the wellness and overall full-approach care of each individual. Their roster of clients dictates a well thought out and executed program that supports all types of athletes and caters to their individual needs with an end result of maximum performance and rehabilitation.

Based out of Houston and Dallas, Athlete training and Health was one of CityCentral’s first members and as a small business that travels between cities, they needed a place that would support their needs as well as add flexibility to their schedule.

“We are in and out of the office with very limited time to deal with the standard overhead of a an office. CityCentral has helped us greatly from a cost standpoint. Its much more cost effective for us to be in a coworking space than some executive suite where we would be managing the entire space that would be too big for our needs. We also love the amenities and the fact that we don’t have to worry about maintenance and the costs associated with that. There is a high sense of professionalism. Because of how mobile we are, we could work from home or from a Starbucks, but that just isn’t professional for us especially when we are meeting with a client. We are very excited for the new CityCentral spaces opening and know that this will help our team even more!”

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